31 August 2006

Won't... or can't?

This announcement appears to be face-saving OPP-speak for, "the natives still won't let us anywhere near this property."
Ontario Provincial Police said they will not investigate a small fire that broke out last night at the site occupied by native protesters in Caledonia. An OPP spokesperson said no criminal activity is suspected and damage is minimal.
I'm not sure how the OPP can claim to know anything about it, as local police & fire crews were both prevented from responding.

A fire crew from the nearby Six Nations reserve were allowed in at some point.
Six Nations Fire Chief Michael Seth said the blaze in the unfinished home had been extinguished by the time his firefighters arrived at the Argyle Street South property. He said the injured were people on the site, "that were fighting the fire prior to our arrival."

They suffered smoke inhalation and were taken to hospital. Seth said the cause is under investigation, but damage was minimal. He said his department was notified of the fire by the OPP and he was not sure whether the people occupying the site allowed Caledonia firefighters to come onto the land.
Three people hospitalised doesn't seem minimal to me, but maybe that's only in my neighbourhood.

Caledonia Wakeupcall is reporting that a native protestor torched the house after being asked by fellow protestors to vacate the premises. Bravo for life's little ironies.

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