23 August 2006

What's not to love?

We all seen politicians, who, when you ask them a simple yes or no question, proceed to dance around the answer like Rudolph Nureyev on tainted crack.

A refreshing exception is the Anti-Dithers, Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He just comes right at you.
OTTAWA - Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Tuesday it's not unfair to liken Hezbollah to the Nazis, who once ruled Germany, because both stand for the destruction of the ''Jewish nation.''
That, my friend, is a straight answer.

Contrast that with former Liberal Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Anne McLellan back when Stockwell Day asked her to declare the Tamil Tigers a terrorist organisation.
Mr. Speaker, as I have said, we take our responsibilities very seriously in relation to listing terrorist entities. We will continue to review entities. We make regular risk assessments in relation to a host of organizations. We take our obligation seriously. Listing is obviously a serious act; it carries serious consequences. We will continue to review these situations, and we will list as we deem appropriate.
Which really means, "If you think we're gonna risk pissing off the largest Tamil population in the world outside of Sri Lanka itself, which goes heavily Liberal each and every election, you sir, must be nuts."

The good news of course, as mentioned in a previous post, is that mere weeks after coming to office, the Conservatives pulled the plug on the Tigers on April 8, 2006.

Which brings us back full circle, to... "How can you not love Stephen Harper & the Conservatives?"

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