21 August 2006

What do Liberals & New Democrats...

...have against Israel?

Liberal Borys Wrzesnewskyj said Israel has wrought "utter devastation'' on Lebanon in response to two Israeli soldiers being kidnapped by Hezbollah militants.

Well, it might not be that simple, Borys my friend. Even if the Liberal Party considers kidnapping a deductible offence (and in my book, it's not), how about firing rockets across the border at a sovereign nation?

Mark Steyn weighs in...
If, say, some fellows in Mexico had kidnapped California state troopers and were lobbing rockets randomly into residential areas of San Diego and Los Angeles, even La-La-Land libs would be demanding the US respond.

It's only the Israelis the world wishes to deny the conventional rights of sovereignty. In other words, it's the legitimacy of the state that's at issue. In effect, Israel has become the geopolitical version of the European Jew, who's allowed to operate a store in the town but not to exercise full ownership rights. In the old days, Jews faced property restrictions; now they face sovereignty restrictions.
It seems Borys is now backpedalling furiously about sucking up to Hezbollah. Peggy Nash so far just changes the words around in her statements... but hey, maybe she's just looking for a "third way."

Where are party leaders Bill Graham and Jack Layton, on throwing in with terrorists?

UPDATE: Mon. Aug. 21 2006 10:56 PM ET Bill Graham finally surfaces. Jack Layton is still in hiding.
Bill Graham, the Liberal Opposition leader, issued a statement late Monday saying "Hezbollah is a terrorist organization and should be treated as such under all applicable Canadian laws.'' "Any suggestion to the contrary does not reflect the official position of our party.''

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