30 August 2006

Facilitating death.

I'm betting Stephen Harper is gonna be filing this leftwing lunacy under "Not on my watch."
Susie Ruttan, who runs a group called From Grief to Action, told a news conference that families across the country are struggling with the shame of having drug-addicted children who can't get the help they need.

"We're a caring, loving, professional family," Ruttan told a news conference. "We have three kids and I'd like to say to Mr. Harper: 'This could be your child.' "
Except that, if you're really, truly involved in your child's upbringing; teaching them respect for self, as well as others; how to differentiate right from wrong... I kind of doubt it.

Apparently, so did Ms. Ruttan, until she somehow saw the light & hopped on board the Enabler Express.
"To be perfectly honest with you, I was a little bit squeamish initially about the concept of a place where our children, adult children, would be going to put poison into their arms," Ruttan said.
Now, while I sympathise with this woman's plight, I refuse to accept that providing drug-addled teenagers with syringes and a comfy place to shoot up,* (which takes care of the two lesser things on a junkie's three item hierarchy of needs) is the best answer to this problem.

Funding these places is like finding out your child has an insane compulsion to speed through red lights... and then, instead of ripping the car keys out of their hands, you go out and buy a Volvo stationwagon.

*There have been 400 recorded drug overdoses at this site.

UPDATE: Ottawa, August 28, 2006
The RCMP supports the four pillar approach of Canada’s Drug Strategy on illicit substance use and abuse which are: prevention, treatment, harm reduction and enforcement. Clearly, harm reduction initiatives must encourage a transition to treatment and not facilitate a state of perpetual use.
UPDATE: 9:40 PM EDT ON 01/09/06
Vancouver's safe injection site will be kept open until December of 2007, after getting a last-minute reprieve from federal Health Minister Tony Clement.
Two words. Surprised. Disappointed. And I'm not the only one.
While the Vancouver Police Department's position has been supportive of the facility, rank-and-file members of the force voted unanimously yesterday to call on the government to shut it down.

In a scathing rejection of the official department policy by Chief Jamie Graham that the injection site has been successful and should continue operating with federal approval, Constable Tom Stamatakis said the program has been a failure.

"We're not going to be bullied into supporting this like others. We're seeing unprecedented levels of crimes," he said. "They're thinking this is a simple solution to a complex problem and this is the easiest way to respond."

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