11 August 2006

Death wish for a terrorist attack

UPDATE: No "broad strata" of society in Brit threat.
A leading terrorism expert says Canada's Liberal open-door immigration policy is a "death wish" for a terrorist attack here.

Harris said the problem of homegrown terrorists also stems from flawed immigration policies, since Canada is building "colonies of isolation" with the extensive penetration of certain ethnic groups. That has a ghettoizing effect that fuels isolation and imagined racial or religious supremacy, he said.
Other countries take a more pro-active approach.
Two British Muslims arrested eight to ten days ago in Lahore and Karachi gave vital information about the alleged plot to detonate chemical suicide bombs on US-bound passenger jets, officials in Pakistan claimed today.
I'll bet they did. I'm thinkin' the ISI (Pakistani Secret Police) were a little less concerned about the terrorists civil rights than Chief Blair and the coppers in Toronto.
Scene: A small brightly lit room with a bucket of water and a hand cranked generator sitting nearby. A dapper interrogator talks to a blindfolded suspect tied naked to a chair.
"Goodness gracious my friend, I must be having some co-operation about this matter. I am just getting off the telephone with my good friend George Bush and he is most angry with you... veddy, veddy angry."

Camera pulling back: Fade to black as screams and the smell of overdone hamburger fill the room.
Still, it's hard to argue with results.

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