22 August 2006

Three less Liberal voters

UPDATE: 5:33 AM EDT ON 23/08/06 False Alarm - Tamils were looking for strippers, not missiles. Well, that explains the $900,000.00 they had with them.

There have been numerous articles in the mainstream media about how the Liberal Party has been shamelessly courting Tamil organisations in Toronto, despite their knowledge of close ties to the Tamil Tigers.
In the Spring of 2000, the LTTE made significant gains on the battlefield in Sri Lanka. On May 6, 2000 the Canadian Finance Minister Paul Martin and Maria Minna, the Minister of International Cooperation, attended a fund-raiser for an LTTE front group. This was interpreted by the Tigers as an approval for the group by this country's leadership.
Now the chickens have come home to roost.
WASHINGTON — Eight men linked to the Tamil Tigers rebel group, including three Canadians, are facing charges they conspired to buy surface-to-air missiles from an undercover agent in the United States.
In truth, the Libs really didn't care. They certainly can't say they weren't warned.
The Liberals repeatedly refused recommendations from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service to designate the Tigers as a terrorist group under the Anti-terrorism Act. But weeks after coming to office, the Conservatives finally banned the group on April 8.

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