30 August 2006

The only reason...

...this guy isn't rotting in a cell somewhere, is that he snitched out his terrorist buddies.
Mr. Khadr, who is a Canadian citizen, was captured in Afghanistan in 2001 and was held for months as an “enemy combatant” by U.S. forces at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He was released in 2003, but only after he agreed to spy for the United States.
Khadr has demonstrated his complete lack of loyalty to anything or anyone; betraying Canada AND his terrorist playmates. I wouldn't let this guy walk my dog, never mind give him a Canadian passport.
Abdurahman Khadr's parents had left Canada in the 1990s to raise him and his siblings in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. For a time, the family even lived in the same compound as Osama bin Laden and his top lieutenants.
Apparently the whole family lives in a moral vacuum.
Omar Khadr, 19, remains in the U.S.-run Cuban jail, having spent the past four years there facing allegations that he had killed a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan. U.S. courts judged this summer that the legal regime at Guantanamo Bay is illegal, making it anyone's guess as to when Omar Khadr may actually face trial.

Sister Zaynab Khadr, 26, and brother Karim Khadr, 17, have lately appeared in a Brampton, Ont., court to lend emotional support to a group of Toronto terrorism suspects. The accused were arrested in June in connection with an alleged al-Qaeda-inspired truck-bomb conspiracy.
I support Peter McKay and the government on this one.

More details from Frontline.
Okay, the first time I went to training I was 11-and-a-half years old. … My brother was 12 and we went to Khalden. We took the first course, which is the assault rifles course. We stayed in the course for two months and then we went back to Pakistan.

And then since like, I could say since '92 until 2003 I've been to Khalden like five times. I took an assault rifle course, explosive-making course, snipers, pistols, and … a course that includes all of these.

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