08 August 2006

Caledonia: No more negotiating...

...until the terrorism stops.
CAYUGA, Ont. (CP) — A judge is ordering an end to negotiations between the province and aboriginal protesters over a contentious tract of land until the occupiers move off the property.
Apparently not everyone in the political & legal systems has been neutered.
”It is common knowledge that the people of Caledonia, after five months of occupation, have seen security in their town replaced by lawlessness, protesters in battle fatigues, police officers in riot in gear,” Judge Marshall said.
Bravo for Justice David Marshall. Caledoniawakeupcall has audio and the court transcript.

UPDATE: Opposition Leader John Tory weighs in.
"It is a shameful day for Ontario when a judge has to act to uphold the rule of law in Ontario because Dalton McGuinty won't," said Tory. "It's the job of the Ontario government to protect Ontarians but the McGuinty Liberals have completely failed." Tory continued: "Dalton McGuinty has allowed criminal contempt and occupation to be used as bargaining chips. He has overseen lawlessness and unacceptable behaviour on all sides and done absolutely nothing to stop it. He should have had all parties into his office months ago to pressure them to respect the rule of law."

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