07 August 2006

Calling Monte Kwinter

So, Monte... you say it's all quiet in Caledonia.

What about the reports of a buildup of native protestors in the area?
Pebbles, rocks, and golf balls were thrown from both sides, hitting a resident, an occupier and an officer.
Now, what set things off this time?
Mr. Harwood said Monday's altercation was sparked by minor incidents that occurred Sunday, beginning when Six Nations children cut the middle out of a Canada flag.
So, if aboriginals deface a flag it's a minor incident.

Funny... when the OPP TRU team wrote on a native flag it was a big, hairy ball racist incident.
A former member of an elite Ontario Provincial Police emergency response unit was demoted yesterday and will lose about $12,000 in wages for defacing a First Nations flag.

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