25 August 2006

The propaganda machine

The Canadian Tamil Congress thinks they are being unfairly treated in the media.
"In the strongest of terms possible, we categorically condemn this isolated incident," Kavitha Pathinathar, a spokeswoman with the CTC, said during a news conference in Toronto.

"They are not members of our organization. We have a diverse membership. It would be patently unfair if the allegations are in any way attributed to the Canadian Tamil Congress," she said.
Well, right off the hop, that's a bit of a lie.
David Poopalapillai, a national spokesman for the CTC, confirmed that Sahilal Sabaratnam, 27, one of the Canadians arrested Saturday in Long Island, N.Y., was the CTC's communications director for ''about a year'' in 2005.
So when exactly did Mr. Sabaratnam resign as Canadian Tamil Congress "Director of Communications"... to allegedly take up a new career as a freelance "Merchant of Death"? I'd also like to see the CTC flesh out that statement about the diversity of their membership, reflecting, no doubt... a broad strata of society.

To no ones surprise, when asked by reporters if the CTC would publicly repudiate the Tamil Tigers terrorist tactics, Mr. Poop stated...
"We are not spokespersons for the LTTE . . . we have no ties with the LTTE whatsoever."
I think everybody concerned would be better off sticking with the stripper story.

UPDATE: The Tigers recently cut off the water supply to 15,000 civilians.
The situation on the island caught media attention just recently when on July 26 a sluice water gate was closed to majority Sinhalese villages in Trincomalee and what followed was a "water war." Soon enough fighting resumed in the area, spreading into the predominantly Muslim community of Muttar and the Jaffna peninsula in the north.
The scoop from Mr. Poop (see 'moral equivalence').
"Just because 15,000 people are not getting water, and because they are Sinhalese, it is a big deal, but on the other hand, there are more than 50,000 Tamils from Jaffna who are living in refugee camps..."
Yup, no support for terrorism here.

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