30 August 2006

More scary, hidden agenda

The Harper government is cracking down on the disadvantaged... just as the Libs & Dippers warned us that they would.
OSHAWA, Ont. — The federal government plans to unveil legislation that would make it more difficult, if not impossible, for those facing gun-related charges to be released on bail.
So what exactly is being proposed here?
Among the Conservative's reforms were plans to introduce mandatory minimum sentences for those convicted of gun crimes and the end of house arrest for those convicted of violent crimes, sexual offences, weapons crimes, and impaired driving causing death.
Surely the Conservative cabal won't violate any more of the rights of society's weakest links?
Mr. Toews said his staff is working aggressively on the government's criminal law agenda and plans to introduce the bail changes and legislation that would repeal the Faint-Hope clause in the fall and winter sessions.
The thumps you just heard were Jack Layton and his oh-so-equal partner Olivia... fainting into their granola.

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