13 August 2006

OK, I take it back.

Unlike the unruly mob in Toronto yesterday with the matching Hezbollian songs, flags & tees... (spitting on Canadian law by supporting an acknowledged terrorist group while police stood by watching a la Caledonia), this woman DOES have the right to make a statement about Canadian soldiers deaths in Afghanistan.
"Their hearts have been deadened, their minds and thoughts twisted, their vision clouded and their hearing deafened," Angela Reid told about 300 mourners at the funeral for her son, Cpl. Christopher Reid, in Truro, N.S.

She then urged the people of Afghanistan to work with the NATO-led coalition forces, prompting a standing ovation from the gathering. "I make this simple request to the Afghan people: Reach out and grab on to the help we offer to you in good faith. Together, and only together, can we succeed," she said.
As do these people.
Walsh, 33, was killed Aug. 9 in the accidental discharge of a rifle by another Canadian soldier. Officials are conducting an investigation into Walsh's death. "Jeff believed in his job and felt he could make a change in Afghanistan. We, his parents, support Jeff and all the Forces members in Afghanistan and all our peacekeepers," Ben and Margie Walsh of Regina said in a statement.
It's always refreshing to see the hyphenated-nationality rabble (who hide behind the Canadian passport while supporting terrorism & murder) out for a little pseudo-jihad.

Here's a thought... maybe you could head back to the Middle East and put your "principles" where your nasty, hateful mouths are. Then you could demonstrate at least as much committment to YOUR country of birth, as these brave men have done for Canada.

Yeah, I didn't think so.

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