25 August 2006

Illegal to use race based statistics?

Unless your thesis is that the Metropolitan Toronto Police Force is actually a racist death squad.
A report commissioned by the African Canadian Legal Clinic that claims a black person is 37 times more likely to be shot and killed by police in Toronto was condemned by the head of the city's police union yesterday.
So what is the stated disparity here?
The report states that one black person per 38,700 was shot and killed by police in Toronto.

For whites, the number was one in 1.4 million people.
The Globe and Mail wants a piece of this.
Black people make up 27 per cent of provincial deaths from police use of force and 34 per cent of fatal police shootings, despite representing just 3.6 per cent of the population.
Let's examine the circumstances under which these people met their maker. Oops, no can do... that information is strangely absent.

Now, I'm no mathematician, but it's possible there may be another explanation here. You could go with the Police Death Squad theory, as per the African Canadian Legal Clinic, or maybe, just maybe... within the black community in Toronto, an individual is statistically 37 times more likely to present a weapon, or attempt to use deadly force on a police officer than his white counterpart.


UPDATE: Let's check with Toronto Crimestoppers.

Holy crap... they're part of the racist conspiracy too!

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