12 August 2006

Same planet, different worlds.

Another Canadian soldier has been murdered by an Islamofascist suicide bomber.

So before you head out to the local Hezbollah "Kill All the Jews" Protest & Peace Rally, remember that you're dealing with people who think it's ok to strap bombs to their own children. Turn on the TV and you can see the Hezbollites dancing around celebrating when their murderous offspring blow other human beings to pieces. These people are truly from some other world that I cannot begin to comprehend.

Now, this is indeed a tragedy for Canadian Medic Andrew James Eykelenboomand and his family, but before the looney left starts screeching about all the Canadians being slaughtered, let's put this into perspective.

Including the civilian death of a diplomat, 26 Canadians have died in Afghanistan since 2002. That's not quite 7 deaths per year. In Canada, 120 people are killed in farming accidents every year. Ten times that number are badly injured.

You are nearly 20 times more likely to be killed on the farm as on patrol in Khandahar.

Oh yeah, one more thing... the Israelis had 19 of their sons, brothers and husbands killed in action over the last 24 hours.

This is war and this is what our all-volunteer soldiers do. Let's not disrespect them by playing politics with their deaths.

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