28 August 2006

Frum on Ignatieff

Who is Michael Ignatieff?

According to himself...(via Valpy@theglobe)
Then the next words come out in a rush: "I think there are people who would say I've been very ruthless in my life. I am someone who has worried greatly about the price my ruthlessness has inflicted on others.

"I don't want to litter the slopes with bodies. There may be people who I've left behind who feel that I was ruthless, and if they feel that, then all I can say is — I wouldn't apologize — all I could say is, I don't want to hurt people.
According to his brother...
We went for a walk, and he said, ‘I want to make one thing absolutely clear to you. When we're at Aunt Helen's house or Aunt Charity's house, you can say whatever you want to me. But if you ever see me on the school grounds, (prep school Upper Canada College) you're not to talk to me. You're not to recognize that I'm your brother. You don't exist as far as I'm concerned. Do I make myself clear?'”
He also wrote a book.
Scar Tissue is not merely a study of decline and death: It is a work by a man without empathy trying to understand those who possess it; of a man who has arrogantly separated himself from the suffering human race grappling with the realization that he belongs to it...
It's an interesting read.

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