27 August 2006

Little Bighorn once again.

Except I kind of doubt it.
MOHAWK NATION NEWS- Aug. 23, 2006... Six Nations Mohawk people are being targeted for speaking out against Canada’s theft of and encroachment on our land.

The Ontario government and the cops are organizing the “brown shirts” (Heil Hitler!).
Say what!?!?!
Ontario’s evil plan is to send these gangs into our communities to beat us up, smash our cars, burn down our houses, kill us if necessary and generally create fear and chaos.

A warning has gone out to Indigenous Warriors to be on the watch for this threatened attack on Labor Day, September 3rd.
I'd have to file this one under Somebody's gone off their meds.

Kahentinetha Horn really needs to talk this one over with his/her doctor. I urge his/her friends & family to stage an immediate intervention.

The reality here is, if Dalton McGuinty rolled over any further to the left, he'd be sleeping with Hugo Chavez.

h/t to Caledonia Wakeup Call

Get it also at Mohawk Nation News.

UPDATE: August 27, 2006 - Once again, John Tory steps up.

In a letter to Dalton McGuinty, he asks...
If indeed the First Nations people are on the land with the concurrence of your government, why are the barricades needed? Isn't it reasonable that you might make it a condition of that concurrence that those barricades come down prior to the kids returning to the nearby school, as I suggested to you in my earlier letter?

I respectfully suggest to you that your failure to insist on a minimum standard of behaviour over the past six months has led to disrespect for the law and a series of potentially negative precedents.

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