06 July 2010

Technical Problems

Received some email this morning asking why comments have been getting deleted here at the Halls.

It seems there is some sort of problem on Blogger's end of the Intertoobs... not allowing some comments to be posted. Even some of my replies are not getting through. If anyone has heard of a similar issue elsewhere I'd love to hear about it.

Unfortunately, my experience with Blogger in the past has been that they do not reply to trouble calls of any sort. It's a free service so I just adjusted my expectations.

For right now... I'd simply suggest reposting your thoughts.

I'll update as I find out more.

Thanks for bearing with me.


syncrodox said...


Thanks for the info. I hope you get it sorted out.


Neo Conservative said...

in the hands of almighty blogger.com now, i'm afraid.

cross your fingers.