26 July 2010


Scratch a fiberal... find an irresponsible poseur...

The prospect of a 24-per-cent return on investment should elicit attention. The prospect of such a rate guaranteed by government for 20 years should set off alarm bells.

The virtue of solar power alone cannot justify government guarantees of outrageous rates of return.
Don't look at me folks... I didn't vote for him.


"Funny, isn't it, that when the government does it, it isn't considered a pyramid scheme."


Anonymous said...

Neither did I vote for him either, the worst premier that Ontario ever had. (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

He's actually tied with Bob Rae since Bob managed to do more damage in a shorter amount of time.

Dalton is only worse because he's sneakier and gets away with it.

The damage done by Dalton though should be easier to undue. Accept for the energy problems we'll be facing. We've been needing the stablity of a nuclear plant for a long time and you have to be proative with these things.

You not suppose to wait until the last mniute whine the need is dire brownouts are occuring.

Wait until everyone is using electic cars... on a grid that won't be able to sustain us for much longer as is.

The Libs don't care they were expecting us to embrace "green" living or make like the Amish.

JA Goneaux said...

Funny, isn't it, that when the government does it, it isn't considered a pyramid scheme.

Frances said...

Where can I sign up to be a supplier?!?

Anonymous said...

Hey anon: I'm willing to be that the damage that Dolton has done we will pay for decades to come. Rae's cancer was largely removed by Harris and I'm grateful for that. (real conservative)