15 July 2010

Chalk up another one for that...

..."broad-strata" daughter strangling phenomena...

-- CALGARY -- Aset Magomadova will not go to jail for strangling her teenage daughter with a head scarf at their northeast Calgary home more than three years ago, a Queen Bench's justice ruled on Thursday.

Justice Sal LoVecchio gave Magomadova a suspended sentence Thursday with three years of probation, for killing Aminat, 14, on Feb. 26, 2007.

“The Crown said incarceration is required for respect for the law. I do not agree."
Oh, yeah... she didn't strangle her... she "applied a ligature"...
"I find that Ms. Magomadova, by choosing to apply a ligature -- in this case, a scarf -- for at least 2 1/2 minutes, was the application of excessive force," said LoVecchio.
Sounds a little bit like those "neck compressions" used on Aqsa Parvez...

To quote (and I wrote it down, so I wouldn't screw it up) talking-head Lloyd Robertson...
"Her neck was compressed, to the point she couldn't breathe."
I truly fear for my country.


UPDATE: Via Blazing Cat Fur...

You've just strangled your own child... what's the first thing you do? Apparently not CPR... or call for help...
According to an agreed statement of facts, Magomadova and her troubled 14-year-old daughter got into an argument in front of the girl's brother and aunt. The mother and daughter took the fight into a sewing room. Neither called out for help, and the mother later emerged to announce that her daughter was dead.

Magomadova made several long-distance phone calls to Europe with a calling card before dialling 911.
Seems just a tad cold-blooded to me.


Old and Crusty said...

"I truly fear my country.."

Incredible. You live in the safest place on earth and still you carry on whinging. It's obvious that you've never left the country. You're the kind of Canadian that I'm ashamed of. You have so much yet do nothing but sit and complain.

The men and women who risk their lives on YOUR behalf in Afghanistan deserve better. Quit complaining and do something about it. I doubt you even get off your ass to vote.

Neo Conservative said...

'another another old & crusty anonymous troll shrieks... You're the kind of Canadian that I'm ashamed of."

you mean the kind of canadian that expects a child-killer to actually go to jail?

yup... i guess that's me.

maybe you should read slower... 'cos i sure don't see what this has to do with the military.

the fact is... when the law of the land is no longer being applied in an even-handed, rational manner... it should scare the shit out of everybody with an ounce of sense.

p.s. - you really think using all these separate identities to bombard me with silly-ass trolls is fooling anybody?


maryT said...

I wonder if the crashing and burning of the CTV balloon today is an omen for the newtwork.

Neo Conservative said...

the ctv newtwork... i love it.


Martin said...

- you really think using all these separate identities to bombard me with silly-ass trolls is fooling anybody?

Anybody? I guess you mean MaryT and Honey Pot.

ps. MaryT is a clever disguise I created to throw you off your game. Switch the "y" and the "t"...whadda ya got? MARTY! Love you babe. Thought you would've figured that one out ages ago. Big kiss.

jwkozak91 said...

"Martin" obviously never reads Janke's "AGWN" or McMillan's "SDA", 'cuz I find MaryT there too.

Neo Conservative said...

oh, marty... we had you all figured out long ago.

perhaps you're not as special as you imagine.


Joe said...

you can delete all the comments you like there "Dougie", however, it still doesn't take away the irony, that this occurred where there aren't any McGuintys and his "catch and release" programs for hundreds and hundreds of miles. There hasn't been a liberal anything there in almost a freaking century.

Kinda makes you chuckle at the stupidity doesn't it.

Neo Conservative said...

well "joe"... i'm just shakin' my head at yours.

dozens of obnoxious comments over the last couple of days that are blatant attempts to piss people off.

if you can't actually have a conversation... you'll settle for trying to jam it up for everyone else?

once again, the duplicitous hand of the compassionate, intellectual left.



Joe said...

I'm sorry neo I mixed the threads up. My mistake.

But the rest of your comment just sounds like a stock cut and paste of several conservative bloggers I've encountered. The only thing that 'pisses you off" is, I've asked some rather simple questions, that seems to have, er, "jammed you up".

You seem to need to see me as a "leftie".

You assume too much neo.

Neo Conservative said...

"joe comes back yet again... sounds like a stock cut and paste"

joe... i don't have any control over your perceptions or your behaviour.

it's obvious though, that you're less interested in a dialogue... than repeatedly hearing the sound of your own voice.

my suggestion is to take your act over to liblogs... they'll love you long time.


Joe said...

"they'll love you long time."

You seem to enjoy this line don't you.

I've tried being reasonable, and tried some kind of dialog, but all you're capable of neo, is screaming about nonys and paranoid rants about fat cocks or some kind of nonsense you get from someone else.

Once again, I don't care. If you can engage in a dialog with questions I've asked about your posts, then what good is this blog?

No you've shown clearly you aren't interested in conversation, just childish paranoid shrieking about nonys.

Too bad.

Neo Conservative said...

sorry joe... as i said in the other threads... i've done my best... that's what... a dozen of these little gems spread across three posts...and it's not even 9:00 am.

you're just too needy... and more to the point... boring & repetitive.

maybe you should find another new friend to play with.


Frances said...

All this being said, there's a third person in the equation: the son who has muscular dystrophy and only a few years' life expectancy. Perhaps the compassion being extended is to the son, not the mother.

Neo Conservative said...

"frances says... Perhaps the compassion being extended is to the son"

if that is the case frances... shouldn't that have been articulated in the judgement? in any case... is that the sort of mothering you think this kid needs?

there's a famous quote about needing justice to be seen to be done... imho, that sure didn't happen here.

hey... does the next person who strangles their own child get to cite this precedent?

i betcha aqsa parvez's father & brother are feeling a little cheated.


Frances said...

Point taken, Neo. I was appalled at the original crime, and the details of how it was committed. I am not in agreement with the verdict, either.

But ---- what do we do with the son?

Neo Conservative said...

"frances asks... But ---- what do we do with the son?"

frances... call me wacky... but putting this boy back with big momma after she's finished choking the life out of his sister should perhaps give some people pause.

this would be one of those times when social services could actually earn their salaries. i'm sure there are protocols for kids who are, for all intents & purposes, orphaned.

the legal system sure didn't give robert latimer the benefit of the doubt... why does aset magomadova get cut loose?