14 July 2010

With headshots like this...

...who needs enemies...
just visiting tourThe grinch who stole... uh... cheese.



"Even the algae eaters smell blood in the water."
Run Iggy, run.


Zorpheous said...

Jesus, that picture even gives me the freaking creeps.

Looks more like the Jack Nicholson when he played the Joker.

Neo Conservative said...

advice to harper war-room... just stand back and let mr iggy-roboto... do all the work for you.


Christian Conservative said...


Anonymous said...

Yikes. THIS is the "thinking woman's crumpet????"

What was she thinking? He is hideous. I see they gave him a haircut but those crooked teeth and fangs. Scary.

And note, the cheese is Extra Old.

Are you sure this is not photoshopped by the NDP or Conservatgives?

wilson said...

Equally not pretty:


Neo Conservative said...

hmmm... to be honest, my first thought was... lovechild of mr bean & sarek of vulcan.


Tit for Tat said...

It's pretty frickin' creepy,no doubt. To be fair, there's tons of equally creepy picutures of dear leader. If you're in the mood to be objective, I've provided links.

Scary Steve 1

I assume you're fair minded enough to provide some perspective. We've all had bad camera days.
so wrong on so many levels.

steve snaps

so wrong, so very wrong

smelly steve

happy steve

Neo Conservative said...

hey tit... knock yourself out.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, knock yourself out tit, why would I bother clicking on your stupid links? Maybe you should spend your internet time somewhere else. There's plenty of Harper-bashing clusters out there. You think anyone here cares about your links?

Anonymous said...

I'm a Harper fan.
The picture as a cowboy was goofy.
The others were actually flattering if your looking at a serious politician.

Iggy on the other hand just looks like a goof far too often.

Honey Pot said...

All the conservatives have to do is show that picture in an election commercial and that is it for iggy. He looks too stupid for words, actually quite insane.

If I were iggy I would faking a heart attack and getting to hell out of Canada. The media are going to crucify him, and his naughty ways, just for laughs.

Tits said...

Harpo survived the horrible cowboy shot, not just creepy but girly and just plain weird. That's the problem with you guys, your memories are short. Anyone of you remember Harper's ill-fated summer bus tour in '05? Didn't think so.

Wanna make fun of the Igganator? Go for it but don't be surprised if it takes more than this to finish him off.

Dear Leader polled equally badly on all levels not so long ago and now the prick's PM! Yuck it up while you can sports fans, PM today, bitch bait tomorrow.

Neo Conservative said...

"tits the troll shrieks... now the prick's PM!"

ah, yes... more shrewd political analysis from the compassionate, intellectual left.


syncrodox said...

When was the last time you can remember the NDP inflicting this kind of mocking on a LPC leader?

Even the algae eaters smell blood in the water.


Anonymous said...

I'm starting to feel sorry for the poor sap.

Could that be the game plan?
Is he after the sympathy vote?