20 July 2010

Mixed, muddy messages...

...your MSM in action...

"'Violent crimes also declined, but to a lesser extent than overall crime', Statscan said."
But wait... what's this?
"Some types of violent crimes increased, including attempted murders, extortion, firearms offences and criminal harassment."
But hey, don't you fret...
"Youth crime fell slightly in 2009."
Again... there's one small caveat...
"However, both the youth crime rate and the severity of such offences are about 10 per cent higher than a decade earlier."
And finally...
There were 806 attempted murders, 85 more than in 2008.
Feeling safer yet?

Hey... anybody wanna dicuss why the numbers are way out of proportion for the territories and the prairie provinces?

Here's a couple of little factoids the G&M skipped over...
The reserves themselves are incubators of misery. According to Statscan, in 2004, the rate of violent crime reported by aboriginals living off- reserve was 953 per 100,000 people.

On-reserve, the rate was 7,108 per 100,000 people - more than seven times greater.
C'mon Peace Moonbeam... let the wailing commence.


robins111 said...

Notice how the stats don't indicate any of those youth crimes in which no charges are pressed.

You know the ol' liberal redirect, till they finally piss off a lawyer.

Or the problems on FN reserves that simply don't get reported cause it's pointless.

Wonder how the firearms offences got up? I was assured years ago, that there wouldn't be any when the registry was created.

Neo Conservative said...

"robins111 asks... Wonder how the firearms offences got up?"

hang on a sec... are you saying spending two billion taxpayer dollars to chase after... farmers, duck hunters & target shooters... isn't reducing violent crime in canada?

that's, well... heresy.


Anonymous said...

This sounds like the Obesity scam by special interest groups that created their own non-Profit status as self-employed.
I actually went to Stats-can evidence and saw how the U.N. changed the definition of a Child from 12 years old and under to the age of 18.
From this I saw the "Child" from 15-17 had the big increase for weight as a % of it and not the normal changes to immigrantion and the Refugee policy to now include 18 year olds as Children and included in the Stats.

Everyone that has lived and then died has at one time in their life drank water and inhaled air,this is hardly a crisis to start a anti-water Org. or Anti-Air Charity.

Neo Conservative said...

just watched the geniuses at ctv break it down.

lisa laflamme's teleprompter told her to share that... "more younger canadians means more crime."

how's that for incisive coverage?