28 July 2010

The other T.I.F.F.

The Toronto International Fugitive Featherbed...

Mohamed Abdi Mahad was captured by police after the suspect fled the U.K. following the bludgeoning murder of Mohammed Musa Mahoud, 22, a postal worker who had recently married.

Mooney said he doesn't believe the suspect was working.

He also believes the suspect has been in Canada since 2003, shortly after the murder, but Mooney said he had no information about what documents Mahad may have used to enter the country.
Ah, yes... welcome, once more, to David Miller's "no such thing as a bad boy" socialist paradise... where multiculturalism and taxpayer dollars salve all wounds.

And while we're on "taxpayer dollars"...
Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty says his province will not follow Saskatchewan's lead and fund clinical trials of a new procedure that could offer hope to people with multiple sclerosis.
Geez, Dalt... if only we had an extra 81 million dollars.


Rich said...

Or the billions that went to Samsung in a sweetheart deal.
By the way Ontarians, watch what McFly's policies do to your electricity bills the next time you see them; be prepared for sticker shock + HST.

kursk said...

When my brother worked a Toronto International ( the olde days!) he said it was a daily occurrence for the ground clean up crews to find discarded identity documents torn up and flushed down the loo...

Neo Conservative said...

i have a medic buddy who was called to pearson after some guy got caught at customs with bad papers & faked a heart attack.

i guess the immigration officials finally got so fed up, they told the guy to stop the theatrics and just ask for refugee status.

thing is, the guy was so freaked at how simple it was... it took over an hour and some accommodation vouchers to convince him to get his illegal ass outta the airport.

i guess he thought they were gonna take him out somewhere & shoot him in the back of the head... like they would've back home.

oh canada.


syncrodox said...

Oh Canada indeed.