22 July 2010

Who ya gonna trust on this one, huh?

An ex-pat university professor turned opportunistic politician, or... wait a minute...
iggy v dallaire

-- OTTAWA -- The F-35 stealth jet is an "excellent" plane and Canada should be buying more of them, Liberal Senator and retired general Romeo Dallaire says.
Another couple of the party faithful plant the flag... squarely between Iggy's shoulder blades... must be Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Seems like a sequel to the Liberal Production of "cancel the contract at a cost of $400 million, then buy the same aircraft anyway".

Norm said...

I don't listen to anything Romeo says. He was a MAJOR-GENERAL, normally a division commander and sometimes a corps commander. Officers in those commands must be mentally prepared to see people die in great numbers; not only the enemy but men they served with for years and know well. Romeo had a mental breakdown when a bunch of strangers were killed because HE had no inititive and was "waiting for instructions". He had two battalions of combat troops and assoretd odds & sods at his command. More than enough to stop a mob in their tracks. He instead held onto a telephone waiting for guidence. What a wuz! The Liberal governement rewarded his wussyness by promoting him to Lt. General (Patton's rank for most of NW Europe campaign) and then making him a Senator.

wilson said...

Once Iffy's magical bus tour limps into Quebec,
he will be all for buying F35's
questioning why the incompetent Harper government is only buying 65!
'Cause it means $6 Billion in contracts, jobs jobs jobs for Quebec

Neo Conservative said...

“Nothing is personal in politics, because politics is theater. It is part of the job to pretend to have emotions that you do not actually feel.”


Bob Devine said...

One must remember that as all this constant dumber than dumb stuff happens daily that it all is the result of our system of government. Unfortunately government means politicians... and everyone should know by now that if politicians where any good for anything else at all they would not be politicians.