13 July 2010

To the moon, Alice... er, Charles!!!

McDreamy administration backstrokin' like an epileptic manatee...

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Monday that NASA Administrator Charles Bolden must have misspoken when he told Al Jazeera last month that one of his top priorities is to reach out to Muslim countries.

"That was not his task and that's not the task of NASA."
Of course, Robert... I mean, that's certainly the kind of mistake anybody could make... Moon, Mars, Muslim... no biggie, right?.
Bolden, though, said last month in the interview that it was President Obama who gave him that task. He made a similar claim in February.
Or, maybe the guy is just out & out delusional, huh?

Awful nice of the Prez to let a crazy man keep his job.


The Grey Lady said...

This is not the first time we have seen the space agency mutate in to a arm of a political, special interest group. Aren't they the agency that is using tax payer funded fascilities to promote and further the Global Warming/Climatee change cult's objectives?

Neo Conservative said...

"grey lady says... a political, special interest group"

you mean... the obama whitehouse?