29 July 2010

So, if somebody shows up...

...with credentials from the University of Lower Slobbovia... we just accept that too?

“It certainly strikes me as ridiculous and a bit ludicrous,” Dr. Landreth said. “The irony of someone who’s immigrating to Canada to teach English being asked to take an English test is probably not lost on most people.”
What's ridiculous is a tenure-track professor... who claims to want to live & work in this country bitching about something as inconsequential as a competency exam.

You really, truly think your issue should go to the top of the list?

Hey, Doc... I'm pretty sure they could use more English teachers down in Chicago. Pay the fee and do the test... or pack your bags.


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The unfortunate reality is, there are places in the world, most notably the so-called "third world" where accreditation just doesn't meet North American standards.

And I for one, want the surgeon who is operating on my child to meet and indeed, exceed the standards.

If you can't write the Ontario medical board exams that existing doctors have to pass... I don't want you operating on me, my family... or the guy down the street, for that matter.
If you're competent... you're not afraid of the test. You welcome it.


POSTSCRIPT: Hang on a sec...

What exactly, are we doing hiring people from outside the country anyway?

Are you saying we have a 100% employment rate for all the homegrown Ph.D.s?


langmann said...


I had to challenge a poetry 1st year university exam in order to apply to medicine here. If I had to do it, then these two English literature freeloaders should be able to do the same.

As far as foreign doctors go, I have seen excellent foreign physicians have to redo training almost from scratch simply because there is no way to evaluate them effectively. It's almost heartbreaking to see a physician who has practiced competently for years have to start at ground zero. Usually these guys are so good they are left to their own devices by those in charge of them. However I have witnessed foreign physicians who aren't even fit to administer water to a dying man go through the same process.

I just don't know how else to evaluate them. If you have someone who has practiced in a easily investigated country like the US, Britain, India, etc. I am all for the allowance of as rapid process to practice. Otherwise, graduates from these other countries can be dangerous.

Neo Conservative said...

agree totally... but what do you do when peace moonbeam starts screaming about the racism against dr bongo from the congo?

there has to be a standard... the question is... what will that standard be?


Frances said...

The Canadian Veterinary Medicine Association requires applicants from foreign universities to pass a language proficiency test. In theory, they could demand that of a native-born and educated Canadian who pursued vet med studies at a non-accredited university anywhere in the world, even if the instruction was in English. In practice, they will waive the test requirement for Canadians - but they don't have to.