11 July 2010

In all fairness... this is Detroit

Maybe they're just too scared to travel in these neighbourhoods...

Detroit parents may get more than detention for missing their child's parent-teacher conference.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy is pushing for an ordinance that would allow schools to punish parents who repeatedly miss parent-teacher conferences.

The punishment- up to three days in jail.
Mrs N asks...
"What if the parents are already in jail?"... and "If you can get jailed for missing a meeting... what's the penalty for shooting spitballs at the teacher?"
I'm not sure I wanna know the answer to that last one.


"How about having those parents pick up their social assistance cheques at the principal's office?"


The Grey Lady said...

The day you have to go to your boss for an acceptable excuse slip to miss an appointment with a public "servant" is the day you need to hang your head and admit that the state owns your behind and you are in fact their servant.

These people are in effect modeling and telling your children that they have authority over you the parent, that the parents are subserviant to the of the state school system and can and should be discounted by the children if the parent was so unfortunate as think, say or do anything contrary to the school agenda. Beautiful..

As a side concern: I guess short term Foster care will see a boom in business then? Or will the teachers be having the kids bunk at their house? I see more taxation required to support the increased court time, defense attorneys, jail time and of course foster care. Bonus would you say?

Neo Conservative said...

so much for the home of the free.


dollops said...

But, but, Grey and Neo, can't we at least flog the negligent parents whose little bustids are unteachable? As a recovering teacher I have much sympathy for the school board's desperate attempt to do something - anything - to gain some control over the educational environment. How about having those parents pick up their social assistance cheques at the principal's office?

Neo Conservative said...

"dollops says... pick up their social assistance cheques"

well, that's certainly easier than the other idea i've been hearing lately... bulldoze detroit and start over.


Anonymous said...

The sad thing is that some of these kids may not actually be sure who their parents actually are.

Frances said...

Reality is the ones who would be penalized are the hard-working parents in really-not-great jobs whose employers will penalize/fire them at the first opportunity. The ne'er-do-wells and lazy ones will find excuises. And the kids will suffer.