27 July 2010

C'mon now, if Peter Mansbridge...

...publicly peed his compassionate, intellectual britches... that's good enough for me...

"I haven't gone through them myself, but I do know the news of Pakistan's divided loyalties left me profoundly unshaken."
You have to ask yourself... why exactly do the talking heads at CBC & CTV have to pretend these are shocking revelations?
By then – and this was four years ago, remember – Mr. Alexander told The Globe that formal Pakistani protests of innocence to the contrary, “the evidence [of the country’s involvement in Afghanistan] is overwhelming."

There’s no doubt. This is a dirty, costly, horrible war being waged in a country inured to death and corruption and hopelessness.

The truth is, no one who paid the slightest attention to the war in Afghanistan could be surprised by the latest WikiLeak.
Thank goodness for Christie Blatchford.


Anonymous said...

striagChristie Blatchford is amazing. But she doesn't seem to get why these documents were leaked. Obviously to depress morale. Also none of the documents seem to cover any of the Obama era...real coincidence.

Neo Conservative said...

the point is... none of this is news to any half-aware citizen.

it's simply a p.r. stunt designed to influence the sheeple... and lloyd & lisa.


liberal supporter said...
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Fred from BC said...
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Neo Conservative said...

sorry, libby... you didn't get the hint when i deleted a dozen of your idiotic comments about another commenter being a "child abuser" just the other day?

it's not that i'm not a people person... i'm just not a stupid people person.

you don't get to comment here anymore.

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