10 July 2010

I'm guessin' companies outside Ontario...

...are green with envy...ecotax

“It’s an illegal fee,” Mel Fruitman, vice president of the Consumers’ Association of Canada, told the Toronto Sun. “It’s an add-on fee and there is nobody in this country who is allowed to put on a tax except governments."

"As far as I can tell, unless they slipped through something quietly in the middle of the night when everybody else was asleep including me, they have no authority to do this.”
Once again... the sheeple get sheared.


UPDATE: Dalton backs down on tax
The Ontario government will scrap its controversial eco fee on Tuesday in a bid to quell consumer confusion and frustration from major retailers.
Well, whaddaya know.


Anonymous said...

If, as the green lobby likes to tell us, that green taxes are meant to modify behaviour by giving the consumer a choice of paying the tax or correcting his/her inappropriate environmental impact then it seems rather strange that they would conceal the tax from the public.

How can you make a choice if you don't know there's a choice to be made?

This is nothing but another tax grab by the professional tax grabbers. (Liberal governments and greenie NGOs.) As far as legalities go...this has never been an impediment to the green machine.

Joanne BLY said...

And here I thought I was buying 'e-coffee', and had simply misplaced it.

Neo Conservative said...

"joanne says... thought I was buying 'e-coffee'"

amazing what they seem to be able to slip past us.

more nerve than dick tracy.


maryT said...

Alberta has several products subject to an eco tax, only it is called a recycling charge, like welding rod, batteries, tires, electronics, and I don't recall it being in any budget etc.
But, we still have no sales tax.

Anne in sw ON said...

So, how does paying the 'stewardship fee' (as ordered from on high) ensure disposal compliance by consumers? Won't there still be those who dispose of the proscribed items inside dark green or black garbage bags?