19 July 2010

Oh, c'mon Mikey...

...I could probably write a book about all the stuff you'd "support"... if you thought it would get you elected Prime Minister...

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff says he'd support a pardon for Riel if it would start healing Canada's relationship with the Metis.

"The execution of Louis Riel shouldn't have happened," Ignatieff said, calling it "probably the most painful thing in our history."

More painful than the 60,000 Canadian lives lost in World War I... or any of the other wars... WWII, Korea, Afghanistan... subsequent to that?

Isn't Iggy supposed to be "the smart one"?
The victory at Passchendaele Ridge in the autumn of 1917 alone cost 16,000 Canadian casualties.
Call me wacky... but, maybe somebody who took a three-plus decade vacation from the country... shouldn't be lecturing Canadians about their pain.


UPDATE: The moon, the stars...
-- OSLER, Sask. -- Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff toured flooded Saskatchewan farmland Sunday and said a Liberal government would rebuild the crop insurance system.
Promises, promises... the fiberal floodtide begins.


CanadianSense said...

It would be appropriate for Ignatieff to relabel this an apology tour.

He missed a great deal of Canadian history.

Neo Conservative said...

hmmm, who said...

“Nothing is personal in politics, because politics is theater. It is part of the job to pretend to have emotions that you do not actually feel.”

especially if you think it will buy you votes, huh?


oxygentax said...

It's funny, because the Conservatives have been making adjustments to Crop Insurance since they got into power 4 years ago.

Just out of curiosity, how can a group that didn't exist before first contact with "Europeans" claim special rights in Canada?

Neo Conservative said...

well... you can hardly blame the metis for trying... they see the feds pound 12 billion dollars every year into aboriginal communities and they just figure they should get a piece of the action.

the real question is... is there anyone ignatieff will not pander to?


Norm said...

I'm with Oxygentax. By definition, the Metis (a polite word for what was called "half-breed" in days gone by)did not exist until the evil white man showed up.
Riel took up arms against the Crown (twice!)and lost(twice!). He was tried for treason and hanged for his crime.
Rule # 1: Everybody hangs a traitor!

natasha said...

Yep, just more proof that a fancy education and a life spent in academia does not equate with intelligence. But I've come to expect such blatant stupidity from the Ig. He's a revisionist historian if I've ever seen one.

Neo Conservative said...

but, natasha... how can you not love this guy?

just like slick willie clinton... he "feels our pain".

mre n remarked the other day... "i'm his dream demographic... middle-aged, female, just shy of a ph.d --- and i think he's creepy".

he just ain't making that connection.


ebt said...

Riel took up arms against the Crown once only.