21 July 2010

My best guess is...

...we don't have a proportionally correct number of aboriginal astronauts or neurosurgeons either... are we gonna be applying affirmative action to those programs too?

-- OTTAWA -- While surfing on the federal government job website, Landriault says she found a position at Citizenship and Immigration Canada she felt she was qualified for but was blocked from submitting her resume because she was not an aboriginal or visible minority.
Where exactly does this sort of politically-correct social engineering end? Have we decided that merit means nothing?

Does hiring people... on the basis of DNA... rather than actual experience or educational qualifications... have anything to do with the quality of today's civil service?

Oh, right... we're not allowed to talk about that.

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Norm said...

This is exactly why the RCMP has so many disipline problems in its ranks. The quality of the members graduating from Depot has dropped substantially in the past couple of decades. Commissioners are appointed on their political obidience, constables are not the stout hearted men of the past but marginal recruits who were passed to keep the quotas right.
When you lower standards, you do not confer a benefit on the people of the lower standard, you rob benefits from those that met the higher standard.

jwkozak91 said...

What does this mean to in-visible minorities of Eastern European extraction (with multiple vowels in both their first and surname)? Does it also mean the target for persons with double-x chromosomes has been reached?

Neo Conservative said...

see, here's the deal... you start to move away from a meritocracy to a system based merely on who your parents were... you end up with, well... for instance... the british royal family.

look at how swell that one has worked out lately.

don't expect the lefties to get that though... they're already wetting their pants fantasising about prime minister justin trudeau.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad Sarah Landriault is getting some coverage on this. She has a terrific blog.


Neo Conservative said...

yikers... speaking of civil servants in the news.

say... you think sarah landriault has ever stabbed anybody to death?


Anonymous said...

This was a bad law enacted in 1993, Public Service Human Resources Act. It should be repealed.

Josephine said...

Check out the "voluntary" questionnaire on the University of Toronto's job application website.

(Assuming it's still there; it's been a few months since my last visit.)