13 July 2010

Christmas comes early to Ottawa...

...yes, Virginia... there is a t-shirt...
just visiting tourMeanwhile, south of the 49th... in other "down the crapper" news...

The new survey, conducted jointly by the Washington Post and ABC News, says nearly six in 10 voters say they lack faith in the president's ability to lead the nation.

The poll also shows that only 43 percent of voters, including a third of Democrats, approve of Mr. Obama's handling of the struggling U.S. economy.

Democrats hold solid majorities in both the U.S. House and Senate, but recent polls suggest growing animosity toward incumbent lawmakers.
It's starting to sink in.


mahmood said...

As my Ma used to say..."the best thing about folk coming to visit, is them leaving"...when's the Iggster leaving?

Neo Conservative said...

"mahmood asks... when's the Iggster leaving?"

just saw the "just visiting express" on television... broken down by the side of the road.

a not-so-auspicious omen for the ignatieff summer vacation.


Rich said...

For both Ighabod and the Manchurian Candidate, this stolen comment fits:-

" The wheels on the bus go clunk...clunk...clunk..."

Neo Conservative said...

my best guess is, they both end up at hah-vuhd in the not too distant future.


maryT said...

For a pic of the broken down bus being towed away, visit Stephen Taylor's blog.
Any idea of how many media are on the bus and how many liberal candidates or lib MPs.
So far the crowds are not overwhelming.