16 July 2010

Ignattyites loudly trumpet decision to flip...

...but they're certainly not ruling out flop...

The Liberals have boldly announced that if they win office, they would “put a stop” to plans to issue an untendered, $16-billion contract for a new fleet of fighter jets – but then conceded that after they review the deal, they might decide a sole-source contract is necessary.
Or, as it's called in the Liberal War-Room... Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Both Harper and Mckay said there would be a competitive process...right up until they announced a sole source contract.

Conservatives used to be in favour of competitive bidding and an open market place. What happened?

Why did the Harper and Mckay lie to us. Why does this not upset you? I can only guess you are a partisan hack.

wilson said...

anon, get the facts.

"Contrary to Liberal myths, this was a competitive process. Canada participated in an extensive and rigorous competitive process where two bidders developed and competed prototype aircraft," said a spokesman for Defence Minister Peter MacKay.

Anonymous said...

That's the same ploy that got Chretien into office -- he was going to cancel the helicopter deal -- he did, cost us a bundle, then he ended up buying at least some of pretty much the same thing a bit later on. I keep thinking nearly all of Ignatieff's announcements are about 20 or 30 years out of date.

Neo Conservative said...

scratch a fiberal... find an unapologetic, disingenuous shit-disturber...

"I’m not willing to do that and sacrifice the Pacific north coast, and I don’t think Albertans, when they think about it, want to do that either."

they just look you in the eye... and make shit up.


maryT said...

So, the contract has been accepted, purchases in the process etc. Then, if libs get back in after the next election in 2012 they will cancel it. How much would that cost, plus what has already been spent. Makes sense to iggy, and where will the money come from to pay all the cancellation fees.
Stupid is as stupid does.
Maybe the govt has found all those secret foundations the libs set up to pay for the jets.
Or maybe the downpayment will come from cancelling the 1.95/vote
Another question, how many cdn troops were killed in Afghan because we did not have helicopters to move them around.

Neo Conservative said...

yeah... let's have iggy & the fiberals pull the trigger on this one... 'cos it worked out so well last time...

"One of Chretien's first acts as prime minister in 1993 was to cancel the previous Conservative government's EH-10 contract to replace the Sea Kings."

"MacKay said the cancellation cost taxpayers $500 million in penalties."


Anonymous said...

This was All Chretien Idea http://russ-campbell.blogspot.com/2010/07/ignatieff-criticizes-fighter-jet-deal.html