24 July 2010

C'mon... it's not like he had a choice...

...it was a freakin' genie.


Honey Pot said...

That is sad the people are that ignorant. A professor, a supposedly educated man, feeding into the disillusionment of the oppressed people who believe in that shit.

Makes you think about immigrants who come from one of these backward countries claiming they are discriminated against because their degrees are not recognized in Canada.

Holy flying witch doctors, this is unbelievable.

The Grey Lady said...

Mental illness is nothing to sneer at, obviously the father is still suffering and unfortunately as most mental illness is hereditary so is his son.

Sad. To think that this sort of response is only found in "backward civilizations" is very naive and simplistic. I have adopted a child that was kept in a cupboard for her first two and half years because her self medicating mother thought she was a demon because of her cleft palette. Mental illness is mental illness and spans every culture, income bracket. This country is no great shakes in the treating the mentally ill well.

Neo Conservative said...

hmmm... what i'm sneering at here is not mental illness... but so much of humanity's kneejerk reliance on superstition to deal with so many of it's problems.

it seems a goodly number of us live all our lives in fear of the monsters in the closet.

a lot of education and, yes... a little pharmacology would go a long way here.


Anonymous said...

you do know that islam is the problem not mental illness.

kursk said...

I am sure there are many who would love to do a study on the pathology of mental illness as relates to Islam.

You enforce a regime of that sick and twisted political ideology masquerading as religion throughout a person's life and bad things are bound to happen.


As well, if you are not trained in the west, I don't trust your credentials, period.

Neo Conservative said...

i think a pretty good argument could be made that all religion is simply superstition.

salem witch trials... spanish inquisition... the list is endless.


maryT said...

Instead of mental illness the son could have epilepsy.

Neo Conservative said...

"maryt says... the son could have epilepsy"

not gonna find out... unless you ask a doctor.

but that's not not how it works over there, is it.


Anonymous said...

"i think a pretty good argument could be made that all religion is simply superstition."

Hear, hear. There was a case not too long ago in Detroit where a 2-year-old boy was whipped to death with extension cords by a church group ("god-fearin' christians", the lot of them) because they were trying to "drive the devil out of him". A bad person will do bad things naturally, but to make a "good' person do batshit insane things takes religion.

maryT said...

OT, did that 72 yr old father that strangled his 2 sons, ages 1 and 7 (i think) and then himself a sort of honor killing or just plain murder and suicide. Happened in Que.

Kai said...

Yep, that is some intellectual tradition that Islam has. I am so sick to death of hearing about all the contributions Islam has made to science. yeah right.. What they did is hired Jews and Christians 1000 years ago to transcribe it all. There was not a lot of original work done, and what little there was ended in the 1200's after the Asharite Scholars deemed the work to be forbidden and un-Islamic. So now we have this coming from that cradle of intellectual light.

Why am I not surprised?