18 July 2010

MSM torqued headline of the week

turn, turn, turnSeems they missed just one little detail.

And while we're on blatant media bias...

...where was the Washington Post?

Early last year, just before the Bush administration left office, the Justice Department filed a voter-intimidation lawsuit against the men, the New Black Panther Party and its chairman.

But several months later, with the government poised to win by default because the defendants didn't contest the suit, the Obama Justice Department decided the case was over-charged and narrowed it to the man with the nightstick.

It secured only a narrow injunction forbidding him from displaying a weapon within 100 feet of Philadelphia polling places through 2012.
I got nuthin'.


LAST WORD: Sauce for the goose...


wilson said...

National Post got it right

RCMP shoot Alberta man dead following armed standoff

Neo Conservative said...

otoh... the mother corpse piles on...

"RCMP gunfire kills Okotoks man"

oh... my... gawd... do these hick cops just run around randomly blasting away at shit?

wait a minute...


maryT said...

Story now is he committed suicide by cop.

jwkozak91 said...

I'll second maryT's point.

Perp was holding a black umbrella with a silver tip at the Mounties. The residence was in a dark spot between streetlights.

Neo Conservative said...

who says you can't always get what you want?

call the tune... pay the piper.


Norm said...

If regular beat cops need to call in ERT everytime there is a hint of trouble, how can the continue to justify their salary range? Thirty years ago before ERT for EVERY police detachment in the country, regular beat cops handled this sort of thing (and usually quite well). The maxim "they earn their years' of salary in one day" summed it up. Now they hand any bigger than a traffic ticket over to ERT, Integrated homicide teams and a host of other "specialty teams". If a beat cop cannot handle the heavy duty stuff, why do we need to pay them $85k+ a year?

Neo Conservative said...

norm... it's not that line cops couldn't take this guy down.

paradoxically... the swat teams are supposed to be negotiators first and cutting-edge trigger pullers second.

cops, for the most part, earn their money.

this nutjob was obviously out to provoke a confrontation.

my thoughts here... be careful what you wish for.