31 July 2010

And on this weeks episode of W5...

Lloyd Robertson will crush kittens in a vice to embroider an investigative report on animal cruelty...

“Why are you so sure how your son died?” a CTV Newsnet host asked Avril Stachnik on Tuesday night. “I’m so sorry to have to ask you these questions.”

The host then said the situation was "forced upon them" by WikiLeak’s online release of documents, one of which erroneously described the deaths of four fine Canadians in September, 2006, as a “friendly-fire” accident.
Professional journalists... our moral & intellectual superiors.

Thank gawd for Christie Blatchford.


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Canada - doing the fighting... that Afghanis won't...
At least eight members of the Afghan military wanted by U.S. authorities after fleeing a Texas air force base have attained permanent resident status in Canada or are awaiting decisions on refugee claims.

Of 17 Afghan National Army personnel who have gone AWOL in the last eight years while receiving English training at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Tex., 13 have been located.

Two of them are now living as permanent residents in Canada and six are awaiting rulings on refugee claims.
Lloyd... Lisa... are you there?