28 July 2010

Live and don't learn...

...that's us...

-- TORONTO -- Court heard then he had breached two previous court orders banning him from having a firearm, one for 10 years, and the second for life. He was then handed another lifetime ban from having a firearm.

"He has plans, he says, to lead a better life and move in with his grandmother in a better area of the city."
Surprisingly... no word yet from Mayor Miller's office... on just which gun club this fine young gentleman belongs to.


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Exponents of tough justice may be dismayed to learn the most common sentence given to offenders found to be guilty was probation (legalese for court-ordered friendship), which was handed down in 45% of all guilty cases.


JA Goneaux said...

Unfortunately, reminds me of the old Robin Williams bit about unarmed British cops: "Stop...or I'll say stop again...".

I guess the legal system, like any social worker, doesn't seem to care that guys like this are laughing at it...

Neo Conservative said...

if only there was a law.


Anonymous said...

He has plans to move in with his Grandma and sponge off her while dealing drugs and playing X-Box in the basement until 4 am every night.

Neo Conservative said...

well, actually... that was his plan from last time... where he got that lifetime ban on possessing firearms.

you know... before he tried to gun down his latest victim.

maybe he'll get another "lifetime ban" and this time it'll work, huh?


arctic_front said...

We all make mistakes.. some that hurt others innocently and some that only hurt ourselves. But when you take to violence against your fellow man, no matter how hard of a childhood you had, you cross a line and need to be incarcerated for a period of time to help you 'reflect' on what you have done. Probation is just another form of condoning the violence. every time you harm others you should go to prison for at least a short time, first offence or not. How do you teach some punk that hurting people is wrong? Waste thousands of tax-payer's dollars on a legal 'Go to your room' is not justice to those harmed by the assault.

Neo Conservative said...

"af says... every time you harm others you should go to prison"

as any responsible parent knows... you reward good behaviour and punish the bad.

those formative years are so critical. by the time kids are teenagers the pattern is set and prison is simply a way to keep the bad apples away from the larger field of folk.

sad but necessary.

if you're shooting at people... repeatedly... you are a sociopath and need to be put away until you are no longer a menace to society.