16 July 2010

Remember all those "green jobs"...

...Dalton promised to Ontarians...

On July 2, the authority quietly announced the rate being paid to some producers would be slashed from 80.2 cents to 58.8 cents per kilowatt hour.

Energy Minister Brad Duguid said microFIT would have become unsustainable if the original price structure had been maintained.
Hmmm... sure didn't stop them from selling the shit outta this boondoggle back when, huh?

That's why we call him "McSlippery."


liberal supporter said...
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CanadianSense said...

It is a pity that LS can't add.

If we look at the example of Europe many countries have already unwound the fake Green subsidies on those industries to create jobs.

LS can't stomach the HR credit was for the taxpayer and local skilled labour to make those improvements.

LS probably believes the secret deal negotiated deal by Korean based Samsung and Dalton McGuinty is an example of open and transparent government.

Why are Liberals doing secret sweetheart deals for big business and friends?

CanadianSense said...

The eco fee has been called a “tax grab,” but Ontario provincial government officials say it’s not a tax, according to the blog.

Stewardship Ontario, the industry group that oversees mandated recycling programs, says the eco fees are not mandatory or a tax, reports the blog. The group says retailers have the option to pass the eco fees along to consumers that they must pay to Stewardship Ontario to recycle many products.

According to the Toronto Star, Stewardship Ontario is urging companies to bury eco fees in a product’s price so consumers are “none the wiser.”


When did Green or eco-friendly products need an extra cost?

Why do Liberals love to hide the taxes and fees hitting the poor?

liberal supporter said...
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Anonymous said...

Mr. Brown, there's a Ms. Lucy van Pelt on the line for you...

Seriously, if there was money to be made, and jobs to be created, those nasty entrepreneurs WILL HAVE ALREADY STARTED MAKING IT.

Face it, LS, when the subsidies go away, the jobs go away. Money doesn't sleep, nor does it have a conscience. It goes forth and seeks to multiply. When it can't find a suitable mate, it goes elsewhere.

"Green jobs" are the modern equivalent of snake oil.

Neo Conservative said...

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i ask that you simply ignore his meagre daily provocations until i get around to scrubbing them away.

please note that anyone actually willing to have a conversation with libby, is free to do so over at his compassionate, intellectual webspace.

i suggest you bring a respirator & rubber boots.


liberal supporter said...
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H. Ome said...

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