21 July 2010

Go ahead, Lloyd... gimme another one...

...of those inane non-stories about "unbearable stress" in the carpeted air-conditioned workplace... I dare you...

Brian Collier

He hadn't been in Afghanistan long, but Sapper Brian Collier had already earned a reputation as a competent combat engineer, survived a blast from an improvised explosive device and beat his injuries to return to duty.

Early Tuesday morning, the 24-year-old soldier was killed by another IED while on foot patrol in the Panjwai district.
Try getting your shit blown up... and returning to that workplace.

What kind of courage would that take?

Just don't ask a Canadian journalist... they're too busy screaming about what we used to... in my childhood... refer to as "the weather"... or poor little Lindsay Lohan.


"I live near a CF base. I am determined to go the extra few steps when I see a Canadian in uniform, shake their hand, look them straight in the eyes and say, 'Thank you for serving'."


jckirlan said...

The world is upside down Neo and is beyond my level of comprehension now. Where does this road lead. Perdition seems likely destination.

Neo Conservative said...

apparently what the sheeple want is... "fast food journalism".

gimme my prurient, easy to digest sound bite... and drive the fuck on.

we live in a world where "critical thinking" is seen as a bad thing... and personal responsibility no longer exists.

nobody actually wants to be bothered with all that messy thinking.



Anonymous said...

I live near a CF base. I am determined to go the extra few steps when I see a Canadian in uniform, shake their hand, look them straight in the eyes and say "Thank you for serving".
I'm humbled by the privilege to do so.


Neo Conservative said...

"bluetech says... say 'Thank you for serving'"

think of what this would mean to our soldiers if we all did this.

i'm in.


Anonymous said...

All white anglo-saxon men being sacrificed for this. (real conservative)

Neo Conservative said...

"another anonymous white supremacist screams... All white anglo-saxon men being sacrificed..."

but that's actually demonstrably untrue... isn't it. even more so among the american forces.

maybe you should take this kind of nasty shit down the road, nonny.

it's certainly not welcome here.


Bob Devine said...

When all this stuff started in Afghanistan I was very sympathetic towards them. I thought our troops being there and fighting for their freedom was awesome. As time went on I started to educate myself about what Islam stands for. Now having a fair to middling idea of how the Muslim or Islamic lifestyle and preference works I think we should pull our troops out of there yesterday and not go back until they denounce Islam and are ready to become a REAL democratic country.

What our troops accomplished over there is priceless but sadly a waste of time and precious lives. From what I can discern all the people over there want is to be dominated by a different bunch of Muslims. They are not into freedom or any of the things we hold dear. They are an Islamic society and until they are ready to renounce that cult of domination and subservience we should leave them to their own devises.

A lot are going to tell me how cruel or wrong I am to say this but if they can not show me that the vast majority over there want a democratic country they are waisting their breath. As long as Afghanistan wants to remain an Islamic country they should be allowed to suffer the consequence of that preference.


Neo Conservative said...

bob... i know a lot of people feel the way you do.

i disagree.

i have some stuff to do this morning so i'll just give a short reply right now.

let's remember that, for all intents & purposes, most of af'stan is barely out of the stone age.

a couple of years ago, they figured out that, since the arrival of nato troops... infant mortality in afghanistan had plunged. i believe it worked out to 40,000 less deaths per year.

most of the people over there are illiterate, uneducated subsistence farmers... who have to eat shit from armed thugs.

the thin veneer of religion makes no one actually feel safe.

also this hellhole is responsible for 90% of the world's heroin. take a walk through east van and smell the cost of that.

third... osama and his fanatics ain't gonna down arms anytime soon.

you fight 'em over there, or eventually... you fight 'em over here.

we can discuss this in more depth later. i respect what you feel... i just don't happen to agree.

i thank the gawds the weight of this decision isn't on my shoulders... it would be so hard to do the right thing.


Bob Devine said...

Neo. In my view you can not help someone that does not want to help themselves. As long as they remain committed to the Islamic ideal they are beyond helping. Islam just will not permit what we have been trying to give them. Put our phone number on the wall by the door on the way out so they can call when they are ready to change but we are wasting lives and resources trying to beat that dead horse that is there now.

Neo Conservative said...

"bob says... As long as they remain committed to the Islamic ideal"

i suspect that most of these unfortunates are committed to figuring out where their next meal will come from.

the fundies and the heroin dealers... those are the fuckers we wanna burn to the ground.