19 July 2010

Vote of confidence

-- July 19 (Bloomberg) -- Foreigners bought a record net C$23.2 billion of Canadian securities in May, led by federal government bonds.

The investment was led by a record C$11.5 billion of federal government securities, almost double the previous record of C$6.75 billion in January.
Sure... go ahead & hand over the federal purse-strings to Michael Ignatieff and the "promises, promises" Liberal party.

I dare you.


The compassionate, intellectual left replies...
liberal supporter


wilson said...

'After losing the surplus under a minority'

Paying down the debt, fixing the fiscal imbalance and dragging our military out of the Liberal Decade of Darkness,
is hardly losing a surplus.
And that 2% GST reduction was a huge stimulus to the economy, just as the economic crisis hit.

Liberals balanced their books and faked surplus' by illegally raiding the EI fund of $54 Billion.

The Liberals want to turn Canada into Greece,
a failed nanny state.

CanadianSense said...

I know don't feed the monkey.

It is a pattern as more experts have recommended they invest in the Canadian currency, economy. It is now becoming a reserve currency as extra insurance against the drop in the Euro-American economic zones.

Our government is doing a great job selling Canada to the world as owning the next one hundred years.

wilson said...

Oh, and that progressive Liberal govt also cut funding to the provinces for education and healthcare.

But that's what Liberals do, create a crisis;
and then be self pronounced heros with a program to fix the mess they made.

And just fro Gayle

Anonymous said...

hhmmm.Let's see.

the party that paid down the debt, or... the one that created a debt bigger than any government before!!


Oh right. I forgot. It's the liberals fault. Just like it was when the last conservative government spent it up higher than Trudeau could of even hoped for!!!

You conservatives are a riot. Next you'll be trying to brag it was your good stewardship that the banks are strong here, and that you were against bank deregulation.

Oh wait...

As for the 2% GST being a "huge surplus", are you truly that stupid? Every economist in the country (except one that we know of...) has declared that to be absolutely useless.

Perhaps you can explain why our federal finance minister toured the country, and bribed hapless twits like McGuinty into raising taxes with the HST?

Again, the liberals fault eh.

Harper's government, has clearly shown, it really knows how to spend spend spend. And down the line, we'll be left to pick up the tab on that one, just like we were after the last conservatives were voted out of power. You can stamp your feet and scream "NONY!!" all you like, it doesn't change the real world. Sorry.

CanadianSense said...

Wilson can you smell the fear and self-loathing on the Liberal express and Liberal media?

They are resorting to Cheech and Chong to lift the Liberals.

Anonymous said...

do you really think the fear and self loathing is only in the liberal camp?

It's people like you, (which are in either party...) who help support bad government.

The -I'll support whatever the fuck my party does no matter what and plug my ears and yell la la la la when presented with bad things- crowd.

We saw it for 13 years under the liberals, and now you geniuses are doing the same damn thing for Harper. Congratulate yourselves for being fools.

Speaking of 'vote of confidence', is that majority just around the corner yet?

I bet it is. LOL.

tao_taier said...

Anon doesn't realize that we've all been around long enough to know every talking point has made has been successfully debunked in the past.

It's too bad he didn't bother to log in as he would of been able to subscribe to this blog thread and got his comments answered by me.

Though given his anti-conservative enthusiasm, I don't suspect he's interested. Likely from watching too much CBC and living in their alternate reality and that of the Liberals.

I should leave it to time for his comments to be all the more proven wrong. But that wouldn't be fair to the chaps who stumble upon his comments and not know any better.

So I'll post up some retorts of my own.

Anonymous said...

the trouble with you fools, is that none of you can fathom that there are those who refuse to be part of this holy war of conservative vs liberal.

The only response you're all capable of is to call me a (SHRIEK!!!!!) liberal, or even worse, oh my FUCKING GOD he watches the fucking CBC!!!!

Far be it from anyone to see through this government and it's bullshit. The lot of you are just simply too stupid to se it.

If you think the 2% GST cut wasn't just a vote buying grab, you really should wipe Harper's shit off your nose.

So yeah. Post your retorts. As if it changes anything at all.

Perhaps you can tell us about Flaherty's HST while you're at it. McGuinty doesn't even hold a candle to the disaster Peterson was, did anyone think he was even capable of something like the HST?

"But that's what Liberals do, create a crisis;"

You idiot. Mulroney created that crisis. He nearly bankrupted Canada FFS. Are you all really -taht- fucking stupid? Really?

So yeah. Retort all you like.

tao_taier said...

"As for the 2% GST being a "huge surplus", are you truly that stupid?

Actually, it helped by sending the message to businesses that we will not be relying on taxing you or the populace in order to get us out of any future deficits, rather we'll be cutting taxes to demonstrate and force the need for future governments to constrain their budgets and cut spending. Essentially. *

Lowering the GST did help those who were affected by it. It also helped consumer confidence when heading into the global recession. Even though it may not of made much of a difference to anyone buying a cup of coffee but it certainly mattered when making much bigger purchases like a house or car.

Though economists prefer broad based taxes that affect everyone's pockets by small amounts but have the highest common denominators.

Sales taxes are useful in this way. More so than income taxes and even more so than corporate taxes.

*Don't bitch about the one time stimulus spending in Canada cuz as it happens much of what they did will. Short term stimulus, long term gain. It's what any prudent business would do in knowing to invest ahead of time in things they will make a return on.

Take a look at what Canada did to make sure the banks had liquidity throughout the recession.

(speaking of Canaidan banks: http://www.edmontonjournal.com/business/Owing+note+thanks+Canada+banks/2974852/story.html WHY OUR BANKS ARE SOLID)

Also, it was wise of the government to invest in expanding various road projects in areas that are prone to large traffic issues and plug ups which can strain and congest an economy during the boom times.

BY the way to Anon, the HST as proposed by the Federal government wasn't meant to be used as a tax grab but as a cut only. They never told the Liberals to use it in the way the did.

The federals were pushing the HST for the sake of cutting down trade barriers between the provinces since we have free trade with the states than we do within our own country.

But you, like your liberal friends in the ontario government, are too thick to understand that.

Thats okay, solid food is for grownups. Continue to stick to the government's teet by supporting the opposition parties. Who would easily do much much much worse.

Merkal over in germany lost some seats due to the same mentality you hold. "She helped bail out Greece!" so the socialist and green parties made gains.... which was pretty dumb since they would of done the same thing only worse and in break-neck-time to boot.

Mean while that was something Merkal didn't have a choice in doing and at the very least resisted.

Trudeau, when in minority with the NDP, spent way more money on things that were in no way stimulus than anything Mulroney did.

Though I'm sure Trudeau's trip to Cuba was well worth everyone's tax dollars that he would attempt to legitimize a murderous dictator.

My idiot pinko-supporting-liberal-Uncle is set to direct a documentary on it if he hasn't already. Don't get me wrong, I'm fairly sure my uncle is a pretty cool guy outside of his condensing ignorance, not unlike how others think of Che as a pretty "cool" guy. Never mind his actions~CHECK out them mutton chops! Thats star-making material.

Nothing like seeing that guy's mug on sold out coffee mugs. If only he had been a capitalist himself he would of made his country billions of dollars in exporting his image around the world.

(sorry for exposing my OCD/ADD/Asper rambling tendency, I hope I was able to get my points across)

tao_taier said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Neo Conservative said...

"another anonymous troll screams... The lot of you are just simply too stupid to se(sic) it."

just simply, huh? them's fightin' words.

more incisive commentary from the compassionate, intellectual left.


Anonymous said...

What a bunch of bullshit. I'm sorry but the GST cut wasn't about boosting consumer confidence at all, it was about capitalizing on a political hot button issue and buying votes. It's clear as day to anyone honest, and you parroting this shit about consumer confidence only shows just how much you are in denial about this government. There is absolutely NO evidence of what you speak, and we all know the GST cut was conceived of and began to be implemented long before any recession was even openly admitted to by Flaherty. Recall how long it took before they even could utter the word…

And I see absolutely NO evidence that this government is in any way interested in constraining budgets, I see nothing but talk, and a whole lot of spend spend spend, and I don't mean stimulus either.

You're only defence seems to be calling me "liberal", or whatever else you can come up with. I'm afraid it doesn't change the fact that what you say about the GST cut is total bullshit, and the idea that Harper is constraining budgets, is an even bigger laugh. It's simply not reality whatsoever.

And the blog authors constant swipe of "the intellectual left", seems to be all he has.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon pronounces... What a bunch of bullshit."

oh my gawd... there's certainly no way to counter that comprehensive & incisive analysis.

i give up.


Anonymous said...

You've got to be kidding. I'm afraid lying isn't "comprehensive". Sorry.

When I see a blind conservative supporter making something up about the gst as being a measure to improve consumer confidence, it just makes you laugh. Only a complete idiot would swallow that. That was NOT the purpose and I bet even you know that even though you'd never admit to it. And there is absolutely NO evidence to support it, none. It has been widely panned as useless.

At least try to be somewhat believable k? That's just embarrassing.

The day any of you can be at least somewhat honest about your party is the day you may, I said -may-, be taken seriously.

Neo Conservative said...

of course, nonny... because you say so.


Anonymous said...

I wasn't the one making stuff up apparently.

A handful of Harper supporters proclaiming the 2% gst cut as a "huge stimulus" makes it so??

Come on. No evidence whatsoever.

Oh, and no evidence of this government constraining spending either.

Another total fabrication.

Neo Conservative said...

of course, nonny... because you say so.


Anonymous said...

no neo fool.

Everybody else does too. And I suspect that somewhere, you know this to be true. But since you're middle aged, conservative, you need to believe this.

So you spend all your days, plugging how the liberals mis spend, and are responsible for anything that is wrong with the country, while your buddies, whom you give a pass to, are guilty of the very same things you shriek that the liberals do. You are not wrong in many of the things that you point out the liberals do, it's just you suddenly get amnesia about the conservatives when they bullshit and fuck things up and lie about it.

This, makes you, a fool. And just as you declare that you are changing minds, one at a time, I comment, pointing out your stupidity. Which, I guess infuriates you enough to trot out the Nony, compassionate intellectual left copy and pastes when you have nothing left.

That's pretty much it in a nutshell.

Neo Conservative said...

"neo fool"... again?

maybe, libby... you need to stop recycling this tripe & work on your routine...


"neo sits, fingering his pistol with one hand, clicking "refresh" with the other, waiting anxiously for another comment."

"Meanwhile, his kids are up to mischief and rapidly becoming delinquents, while his wife cries for the days when he paid more attention to her than the damn computer. But watching the blog and playing comment nazi is way more important to neo-fool."

Posted by Anonymous to halls of macadamia at 10:51 PM, October 18, 2008


yeah... watching the blog.

except, of course, that you're the pathetic little misfit who... daily... reads every single word i write... and then without fail, leaves a shitpile of steaming trolls... sneering about my child... or threatening my family.

i mean, that's what... a dozen of these priceless gems just today... under your not-so-varied personalities?

you even pretended to be a woman... screaming that i was stalking you... and then impersonated a barely literate immigrant?! wtf was that about?

and c'mon libby... supplying your own laughtrack... even you have to admit that's the icing on a very sad cake.

seriously... what's the point? are you striking a blow for all the other moody socialist loners out there? did your daddy not love you enough? did your dog die just as you hit puberty?

and what exactly does all that accomplish? well... besides the obvious intention of gaining a little of my attention.

and that's not a rhetorical question.

believe it or not, libby... i do almost feel sorry for you.

'cos i'm obviously way more important to you... than you will ever be to me.

here's a thought... maybe you could try being a man... instead of a pesky little mosquito.

it works for just about everybody else.


Anonymous said...

dude, I have told you, a few times now, to educate yourself on checking the IPs of the commenters if you're going to allow anonymous posting. I think I nailed it pretty good in my lst comment, and all you can do is come back with this crazy nonsense about some other gems that didn't come from me. However it seems, just as you are seemingly thick on other items, this seems to elude you as well.

I don't know how it works in google blogger, but I'm sure there is a way to log the IPs of the commenters. And here, here's a tip to go with that. Use this tool, http://www.myiptest.com/staticpages/index.php/IP-Lookup

and you can determine approximately, where your commenter is. It may assist in you not spiralling into a long messy bout of paranoia.

I may call you a fool, and laugh at your position, but I do not threaten anyone. Ever.

Neo Conservative said...

sorry, libby... at least half my commenters use an "anonymiser" to surf here... as you well know.

in any case... despite your over-inflated sense of self-worth... you're just not important enough to chase.

and you didn't answer a single question i asked you.

as usual.

still a mosquito.


Anonymous said...

Suck my dick you Neocon freak.


Anonymous said...

always an excuse neo. Now, it's an "anonymiser".

Well, now I just caught you in a lie, because -if- that were the case, and you were checking and saw an "anonymiser", (how else would you know...) then you would know full well, I'm not using one, never did, and you do see my IP, and know full well I'm not making all those other comments and threats.

In that case, then I was right, you can't address a heated thread without resorting to this paranoid rant about other commenters.

But admitting this truth, doesn't play well in your little "NONY" shriek game does it.

Neo Conservative said...

sure, libby... because you say so.

you kiss your mummy with that mouth?

maybe you should try being a woman again... that was good for a laugh.

again... mosquito.


Anonymous said...

and there you go. Keeping anonymous posting open, -which is your choice-, and that's the sort of thing you can come to expect.

It's like you're a sucker for punishment neo. You can't seem to... click... that... option... off.

Clearly, you invite these er, "gems" as you call them. It appears they are gems to you.

Anonymous said...

you know, it just suddenly occurred to me, when I saw that you proudly, featured the 'suck my dick' commenter on the front page of your site.

Most bloggers I know, delete those, and take steps to minimize them, rather than encourage and feature them. I thought it was kind of odd, the timing of a comment like that, literally *right after* me pretty nailing things here with my comment. Suddenly, out of no where, a suck my dick comment appears, and it proudly featured on the front.

I'll go out on a limb here, but I'll take a pretty good guess that it wasn't anyone from the "compassionate left" who generated -that- comment.

Now it all becomes clear.

Neo Conservative said...

sorry, libby... you say it... you gotta wear it.


tao_taier said...

"I'm sorry but the GST cut wasn't about boosting consumer confidence at all,"

Well gee, I didn't realize you were an accomplished economist capable of making such judgments. Had you known anything of how the GST works you'll see that cutting it DID in fact help. I think the comprehension as to how is clearly beyond you. I already knew what I said to be truth and here you are lambasting me as if you know all there is to know about anything.

To say "at all" is bogus and shows a complete disregard for the truth... And what I said about buying a car etc. I didn't make anything up. Your just being a bone-head.

Is that the only reason they did it, of course not. What I don't get is why your so fixated on the GST.

I feel sorry for you on how backwards you have everything. I can tell you "we're" not being blindly conservative but rather, you're being blindly enraged.

BTW government deficits aren't directly tied to a faltering economy.

Your mad that the conservative government spends money.... thats what they(all parties) all do... and any other party would of done the same but worse.

Else do you prefer that the conservatives dug their heals into the ground and not spent a cent?

That would of looked good huh? You do realize that by going ahead with the stimulus that they dismissed the stigma that conservatives had to deal with since the left throughly demonized Harris for his cuts and tried to make him out to be some cruel and careless "monster".

Doesn't sound like you've been around long enough to remember any of that. Would of saved you the needless waste of time ranting over things your pretty clueless about.

Btw, what did the conservatives "fuck up so bad" exactly?
"They spent money" the devils! How horrible. Surely Canada will never reach or surpass its peak ever again!... moron. Why don't you relax a little?

You do know our country is one of the least likely to face a default? If the need was dire we still have room to spend more but they won't be. We're not going to be the next Greece.

I could still go about getting the links to back what I've said but I don't think many folks would of bothered reading down this far after all the garbage you posted. Re-read your comments and tell us
all how proud of yourself you are at "furthering" this discussion...

...down a toilet.

tao_taier said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tao_taier said...

If "spending"* is the big issue you should be directing your anger at the other levels of government, namely the province of Ontario.

Also you should be the most pissed at the federal Liberals as they were the ones who made the budget as large as it is as the conservatives don't yet have the political capital to make those cuts by themselves and the liberal party could aid them with this by helping them pass such votes.

But are clearly more interested in attempting to pint the conservatives as "bigger spenders" while idiots like this Anon falls for it.

*governments are expected to indeed spend the money they collect, its the misspending and mismanagement of these dollars that should be addressed where need be.

Please do sure me the examples of blatant misspending by the federal conservative government that they alone are responsible for. I.E newly introduce through their spending.

I'm sure they're may be some but hardly anything that warrants your rabid frustrations. Your comments are in no way justified.

BTW, I'd take a 2% cut in GST over the spending spree the liberals were planing just before they lost power.