15 July 2010

Hey, USA... is it getting any clearer?

Maybe altering the corporate structure of America... based on old "West Wing" scripts... isn't really the smartest way to proceed...

The financial reform bill expected to clear Congress this week is chock-full of provisions that have little to do with the financial crisis but cater to the long-standing agendas of labor unions and other Democratic interest groups.

Principal among them is a measure to make it easier for unions, environmental groups and other activist organizations that hold shares to put their representatives on the boards of directors of every corporation in the United States.
Yup... can't wait to see what happens when the likes of Michael Moore, Pamela Anderson and Sean Penn start pulling on the levers of industry.
The so-called "proxy access" provision, which activist groups say they will use to try to improve oversight of corporate financial practices, has provoked a backlash from the Business Roundtable, U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other major non-Wall Street business groups.
I sure hope this thing works out better than that "community organiser" gig back in Chicago.


Anonymous said...

All this and, as far as I can tell, they didn't even pass an extension of unemployment benefits for the many desperate people who have run out of benefits (there are hardly any jobs out there and they are not hiring people over 50).

WTF said...

Toronto and Montreal and Calgary better spiffy up all those head offices that got vacated when JC was in charge!