13 July 2010

Now that's weird...

...none of the Canadian media ever use the not-so-cute pictures that show the AK-47... or the parts to make an IED...
poor little omarThat must mean Omar's one special "Canadian", huh?

Khadr is one of about 1,000 Canadians being held in foreign jails at any one time. Some are real criminals. And some, like Huseyin Celil, are political prisoners.

Celil has been held illegally for four years by China. The Canadian Bar Association, a left-wing lobby group, has issued over 100 statements about Khadr — but not a word about Celil. Why?

Khadrmania isn’t about a Canadian’s civil rights. It’s about left-wing lawyers trying to use Khadr as a way to undermine the war on terror.
Wake up, folks... and smell the manipulation.



My new buddy Arjen says I'm a racist... because I didn't post anything on this sexual assault in a Scarborough cemetery.

Now, I'm not sure I follow that logic... or how he got from Omar Khadr to raping old ladies... but, hey... I'm all about condemning horrendous criminal acts, so here it is...
A 61-year-old woman was the victim of a violent sexual assault in an east-end cemetery Monday, Toronto Police said.

The victim was visiting a grave in the Pine Hills Cemetery near Birchmount Rd. and St. Clair Ave. around 5 p.m. Monday when she was dragged from a pathway and sexually attacked, police said.

She was discovered around five hours later by someone walking through the cemetery, police said.

The attacker is described as a white man, between 30 and 40 years old, about five-foot-six with a skinny build. He was clean shaven and his shoulder length hair was tied back in a ponytail.

The victim is in hospital being treated for serious head injuries.

Anyone with information about this attack should call Toronto Police sex crimes unit at 416-808-7474 or Crime Stoppers at 416-222-TIPS.
And for the record Arjie... I think, after he's caught, tried and found guilty... they should geld this nasty little fucker.

How about it... are we good now?


UPDATE: Rapist arrested
Toronto police have charged a man with attempted murder and aggravated sexual assault in the brutal beating and sexual assault of a woman in a cemetery earlier this week.

Russell Kirkpatrick, 44, was arrested on Wednesday and appeared in court Thursday morning.
Good news Arjen... they made sure this time that everybody knew who was responsible...
Tangled dirty blonde hair that brushed his shoulders framed his face as he kept his head down and his eyes cast to the floor.
I look forward to future Globe articles offering this type of specific descriptions of all criminal suspects.

The devil, my friend, is indeed in the details.


Arjen Malkaweer said...

You do a good job, with humour and facts, commenting on the crimes committed by minorities, non-white immigrants and asylum claimants here in Canada.

I wonder if you will also discuss the crime wave in Toronto, including the rape of an elderly woman in the cemetery (the same cemetery where Merhawi Tekle killed the 61 year old drunk, a case on which you have commented extensively), or is such discussion non-Kosher because the suspect happens to be white?

At any rate, interesting blog, I'n sure it would get more attention if it were not for the fact that there seems to be far too many imitators of it now.

Neo Conservative said...

"arjen complains... the crimes committed by minorities, non-white immigrants and asylum claimants"

sorry arjen... it's like willie sutton said when asked why he robbed banks... "because that's where the money is."

i notice you're not disputing anything i say on the facts... you just slyly infer... from straight up reports of horrendous crimes... that i am a racist.

have you tried searching the blog for the words "paul bernardo" or "clifford olson"?

of course not. you see only what you want to see.

and arjie.. i trust you have sent letters to the editors of all the newspapers i have quoted... accusing them of a similar offense.

as for your rape story, it sounds like an appalling crime.

do you have a source for that? it's precisely the type of thing i comment on.

p.s. -- maybe you should try having some facts in hand before you try to "sharpton" anybody else.


liberal supporter said...
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Neo Conservative said...

hey arjen... how do you feel about being backed up by a guy who makes cowardly anononymous death threats?

there's a nice, warm feeling, huh?

sorry, libby... you don't get to comment here any more.

-- deleted, yet again --


John Duncan,Belleville said...

Arjen Malkaweer bitch slapped you good.

What's the big deal? You are a racist. You're not fooling anyone. Your pal Shaidle called for the death of all Muslims over at her little piece of the intertoobz today.

You're OK with that huh? Cuz you and Kathy is pals.

Neo Conservative said...

"another anonymous troll posting as john duncan says... Arjen Malkaweer bitch slapped you good. You are a racist."

you mean another anonymous troll posting as arjen malkaweer also started screaming about racism?

sorry, nonny... you could just as easily label me a rastafarian, a bolshevik... or an octopus.

this is what you lefties call an argument? i'm supposed to react?



Neo Conservative said...

p.s. - arjen... buddy... you missed a couple.