29 July 2010

Man of Dawg

Looks like the, er... good name... of religion takes another beating...

-- LONDON -- Rev Alex Brown, 61, presided over 360 fake ceremonies over four years, including several cases in which participants cancelled one wedding only to marry someone else a month or two later, and another in which a person was registered to marry two people on the same day.

Brown’s co-defendant Vladymyr Buchak, 33, was also found guilty of conspiring to breach immigration laws by paying eastern Europeans up to 3,000 pounds ($4,700) to marry Africans, mainly from Nigeria, to allow them to obtain the documents they needed to live and work in Britain.


Anonymous said...

I hear Nero puts lots of rosin on his bow. He has to because Rome is burning down and they can't hear him over the fire. (real conservative)