30 July 2010


...man shot in head... must be Friday...

A man in his 20s has been rushed to hospital in life-threatening condition after being shot in the head on Friday at around 3 p.m.

The man was shot in the vicinity of 1890 Sheppard Ave. W. near Jane St.
Curiously... yet again... not a peep from Mayor Miller's office... on which gun club the shooter belonged to.

And, hey... here's a Toronto travel tip... try to avoid Sunnybrook Hospital E.R. today... looks like the trauma team are gonna be busy...
A 13-year-old boy is in serious condition after a stabbing near Dufferin and St. Clair St. W. Friday.

EMS officials have confirmed the boy was stabbed in the ribs around 4 p.m., was rushed to hospital.
Good grief... who stabs grade school kids?


UPDATE: Oops there goes another...
A man found bleeding in the parking lot of an apartment building is dead, marking Toronto's second homicide in as many days.

Police found 25-year-old Dimitry Savenkov with stab wounds on Saturday morning after responding to an unknown trouble call at 12 St. Dennis Dr. at Don Mills Rd. and Eglinton Ave.


Anonymous said...

Can we blame GWB yet? How very sad for the families and friends of the victim. The reputation of Toronto never changes. Violent and lawless. Chicago north. FernStAlbert

Colin said...

That's the problem with using the legal gun owners as scapegoats, sooner or later you run out of scapegoats and the same problems still exist.

Neo Conservative said...

"colin says... sooner or later you run out of scapegoats"

what... you mean spending 2 billion taxpayer dollars to chase after rifles owned by farmers, duck hunters and target shooters isn't going to actually reduce urban handgun crime?