02 July 2010

Politically correct CBC cheerleading...

...goes horribly wrong...

"The chief of the Squamish First Nation, Ian Campbell, said Wednesday that the well-known downtown park should be renamed Xwayxway — pronounced kwhy-kway — as it was known for thousands of years."
From the hundreds of comments...
THOUSANDS OF YEARS??? The First Nations have no written history. They'd have trouble proving what the place was called a couple of hundred years ago, let alone thousands.

Anyone who tosses off ridiculous and unsupportable claims like this has no claim to be taken seriously.

He should also return his STOLEN SCOTTISH NAME.
Over to you, Chief Ian.


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But before you rush to judgment in reclaiming the original native name, Haida Gwaii isn’t it either. It is a modern term invented in the 1970s as an alternative to the “colonial” name, and to recognize the Haida nation.

Haida Gwaii means “islands of the people”. The real original name was “Xaadala Gwayee”, or “Xhaaidlagha Gwaayaai”, meaning “islands on the Boundary of the world.”

In effect, the renaming to Haida Gwaii was the culmination of a thought experiment begun in the 1970s that meant to reject the colonial name, historic though it may be.
Yeah... I'm shocked.

Please... no more of this "oral history" bullshit... Christopher Pauchay couldn't even remember where he left his kids.


Anonymous said...


The great thing about "oral" history is, that it's like the old childrens game of "Telephone". By the time the story makes it's way around the room, it's changed dozens of times.

Neo Conservative said...

i just wanna know why... he's so fussy about what stuff should be called... chief ian campbell is still using his "slave" name.


Patsplace said...

It's just more "urinate on the white history" program that is so popular on the left.

What's the matter with you, don't you feel the guilt?

Anonymous said...

makes me wonder if the slave trade, an inherent part of BC aboriginal history - the real history not the sugar coated one peddled these days, was part of the old Stanley Park history? Or maybe it was a ceremonial place where slaves were killed off with special skull crushing clubs?

Maybe it should be re-named Kunat Kinte Park.

Neo Conservative said...

perhaps, rather than having whale funerals and trying to rename places... the aboriginal peoples could try to do something about the horrendous rates of substance abuse, domestic violence, child mortality, corruption, nepotism & crime in general that plague native communities.

for pity's sake... people are starving.

oh yeah, i forgot... that's all my fault.


Charles said...

When an Indian cousin of mine said that the whole St. John River Valley belonged to his tribe, and it had for many centuries, I said prove it. Then I went on to tell him that they could have arrived the spring before we got here and he wouldn't know. They are even relying on our European penchant for keeping records to prove that they were even here before us. And what about the little matter of them being a conquered people; who gets to dictate things when they are the losers? Its just like the French, we should have just not fought the battle of the Plains of Abraham; we have been paying for winning for a couple hundred years now.

Neo Conservative said...

same deal here with shawn brant and the so-called mohawks of the bay of quinte.

history, apparently... is what they say it is.

the grandson of the original mohawk chief ends up selling off (despite loud government disapproval at the time) a tract of land that becomes the town of deseronto.

now... despite a documented sale of title... the descendants of these folks want it back... with financial compensation.

and who are these "aboriginals"?

well... i just finished reading a history of the bay of quinte area written by by a man named caniff in 1869.

he states that there is but one actual pure-blooded mohawk left in the area... the others having so often inter-married into white society.

need an example?

the "culbertson tract" is named after the mohawk chief's grandson.... john culbertson.