02 July 2010

"And if you can't be..."

"...with the one you hate, honey... kill the one you're with..."

Police are on high alert across Pakistan after a deadly suicide attack on a Sufi Islamic shrine in the eastern city of Lahore.

Security has been increased in Lahore and at Sufi shrines across the country, after 42 people died at the Data Darbar shrine on Thursday.

There was another sectarian attack just over a month ago in Lahore in which 80 people died, when two mosques used by Ahmadi Muslims were hit by militants.
The capricious and unknowable "Will of Allah".


UPDATE: Paks go with OJ defense

free jihadis
“America is killing Muslims in Afghanistan and in our tribal areas (with missile strikes), and militants are attacking Pakistan to express anger against the government for supporting America.”
Yeah, that makes perfect sense. Let's free the Jihadis... so they can go after "the real killers."


UPDATE: Another "broad strata" incident?

free jihadisHomegrown malcontents... or is the war on terror coming home to roost?

A postscript from the Globe comments...
"Since when have we had a 'Quebec Armed Forces'."
Uh-huh... like media pandering is something new, huh?


Anonymous said...

"Quebec Armed Forces"...well, its more bad copy editing than anything.

Neo Conservative said...

ya thinK?

call me wacky... but at some point this stuff just seems to cross over from really lousy technical skills... to out & out propaganda.


Anonymous said...

Well, kids can't read these daze, so I can see a time when lol is taken as Deep Serious Analysis in the media. Probably within the decade.

I'll have to reread "Eats, Shoots and Leaves" again...

As for oral history: its just like native Creationism is allowed (i.e, Turtle Island), and "white" Creationism is condemned, by the Left.

Even most educated people have trouble understanding Shakespeare, which is only 400 or so years old. Hard to believe native languages didn't change just a mite over "thousands of years".