17 February 2008

Just another sunny day...

In David Miller's socialist paradise...
"The next thing I hear is two cops screaming, `Put down the knife, put down the knife! "I hear four shots, turn around, and the guy just dropped like a bag of hammers."
And Scarberia wants in...
One man is dead after an early morning shooting in the Finch Ave. and Neilson Rd. area. Emergency crews were called to Dunsfold Dr. - near Finch Ave. E. and Neilson Rd. - sometime after 6 a.m.
And right next door...
-- BRAMPTON -- A 26-year-old Malton man was shot dead outside a nightclub this morning.

Andre Alexander Harrisingh was the man found on a parking lot outside Trilogy Night Club around 2:20 a.m. He was rushed to hospital but later pronounced dead.


I was actually in "The Devil's Armpit" yesterday... retrieving Mrs. Neo... who had taken the train in the previous day, to do book sales and other assorted errands.

The highlight of my day was when a Chinese gentleman... apparently confused about the size of his shiny, new black Mercedes... banged into my parked vehicle from behind.

I have to confess, I lost it a little bit... not because of any damage to my vehicle (he hit the trailer ball)... but because of this guy's idiotic attempt to pretend that nothing had happened. I looked up right after the bump... to see Mr. X sitting behind the wheel of his vehicle... studiously examining his crotch.

Needless, to say... I got out of my car and took it to Mr. Oblivious.

Here's a "melting pot" tip, my friend... you run into someone with your car - the appropriate action - in Canada, anyway, is to, one... get out of your car and apologise, and two... see what damage you've inflicted to the other car/person.

After I started getting some attitude... I asked my new friend if he would prefer if I just called the cops.

Mr. O. belligerently replied that I should do just that... but strangely enough... as I returned to my vehicle, he suddenly decided he had to be somewhere else.

On a more positive note... at least I didn't get stabbed.

Toronto... geezus.


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I guess if "you don't see it"... it's not a problem...
"In this city, rats are a huge problem. It's a city problem, not a restaurant problem. I don't think the city has a plan to fight the rat problem."

LAST WORD: Welcome readers of Canadian Cecilia

Today CC claims that I "get a chuckle over dead people."

That's some chutzpah from the poster boy for the intellectual, caring left.
Remember Canadian Cecilia's message to Wanda Watkins, whose son Lane was killed in Afghanistan?

"With all due respect, Wanda, fuck you and your grief. It's not the job of the rest of Canada to continue to let its soldiers die just so you can sleep better at night."
Of course... CC has always been a real lady's man.