15 February 2008

This is Journalism? Really?

First they hit you with the teaser on the Globe webpage...
"Former University of Illinois student's deadly rampage baffles many who knew him."
Of course... you get into the actual article and there's this...
"University Police Chief Donald Grady said, without giving details, that Mr. Kazmierczak had become erratic in the past two weeks after he had stopped taking his medication."
It won't stop the loony left from screaming about big, bad guns... but the actual headline here should be... "Mental Patient Murders Five".

And enough happy horseshit about more social workers.

You have to start flagging people with mental illness... and make sure someone is personally responsible for ensuring they take their meds... or turning them in to the authorities for refusing to do so.

It truly is that simple.

Or accept that you will see more homicides and, of course, many more suicides.

And before you leftards start screaming about "civil rights"... you need to go talk to the families of the five innocent victims here.

I dare you.