24 February 2008

More rewards for the faithful

Once again... the capricious, unknowable "Will of Allah".
-- BAGHDAD -- A suicide bomber struck Shiite pilgrims as they were resting Sunday during a days-long walk to a Shiite shrine, killing at least 25 people and wounding 35.

Earlier, extremists attacked another group of pilgrims in the predominantly Sunni Baghdad neighbourhood of Dora, killing three and wounding 36, police said.

The attacks heightened tension around Arbaeen, when millions of pilgrims descend on Karbala, about 70 kilometres south of the capital.
Now, I thought I knew a thing or two about Islam.

Like, for instance, if you die fighting the dirty infidel... you go straight to the head of the Nirvana chorus line.

So can someone tell me, what's the deal on killing fellow Muslims... who, better yet... are making a religious pilgrimage?

What's up with that?


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Finally, consider this: Muslims are angrily at war with Buddhists in East Asia. Muslims are enraged with Animists in Africa. Of course, none of this approaches the sheer hatred that Muslims bear towards Hindus in the South Asia peninsula.

And this foaming hatred blanches compared to the white-hot fury Muslims feel for the Christian American Crusaders. And this fury is but a candle to the incandescent, boiling, supernova of murder they feel toward the Jews."

Does anyone beside me detect a pattern here?

You know, my Dad told me once, "Bill, if more than three people in your life are utter, total assholes, then maybe it is you."