22 February 2008

Remember the recent stories...

About the McSlippery government's billion dollars in cost overruns... to build Ontario hospitals?
Quinte Health Care may have paid at least $2 million more than necessary for its new MRI machine and installation costs, says a Belleville businessman who deals in the imaging machines.
Maybe having an open, competitive bidding process would save the taxpayers a little pocket change.
Syed Haider, who has set up and is a partner in eight MRI clinics in Canada and the United States, said if the bidding for an MRI was open to any firm, rather than just one company, there would have been substantial savings.

"I didn't think they got a very good deal at all," Haider said, adding the corporation should have opened the bidding to "public tender."

"There should have been some kind of open process."

"Oh there is an open process alright, it's called 'our wallets'."