21 February 2008

Does Dion really want...

To get up on the porch... and play with the big dogs?
-- OTTAWA -- The Conservative minority government will move Thursday to unveil a new motion on extending the mission in Afghanistan in a bid to close a compromise deal with the opposition Liberals that would allow Canadian soldiers to stay another two years, sources say.

The new motion is expected to spell out more clearly that the government intends to end the mission in Kandahar in 2011, and include some efforts to bridge Liberal demands – but the details may be key to a deal.
And, make no mistake, the clock is ticking here...
Prime Minister Stephen Harper is expected to outline the new proposal in a speech Thursday to the Conference of Defence Associations in Ottawa.

The government has set two days for debate on Afghanistan starting Monday, and the motion must be issued by Thursday.
C'mon Steffi... go big, or go home.